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  1. Balapan, welcome to the forums. It's funny because we are usually a German air squad when we play but on Friday night and Sunday nights we are on a private server and at the moment we are flying Late model Bodenplotte Allied fighters primarily American and British. I saw you registered on the Discord so I don't need to get you an invite so that's done. I'm not sure what your hours are but we post most of our flight times as Eastern U.S. or Central U.S. depending on who is leaving the post. We have fliers from Europe that fly in euro time roughly 6:00 PM until midnight if you are in Europe. As I was saying before we usually post our times in EST U.S. and our Friday night forays start at 8:00 and Sunday start at 7:00 with a quick briefing of the nights preferred activity. If you don't mind flying the P47, P51, P38, Spit Mk5, Spit Mk9, Tempest, A20 or JU52 for a short bit before we are back in our German steeds then please feel free to join us on Discord Friday night at 8:00 EST for a very informal briefing and organization. Then we are on to the server at roughly 8:30 and running for 3 hours for a map mission. Same goes for Sunday night except one hour earlier. I'll check in with you on Discord hopefully and get you up and running for comms. >S<
  2. Like everybody in this squad I'm sure your name will be shortened so I'm going to do it now. If you decide to fly with us I think I'll christen thee FAM. The funny part of your post is we are normally an Axis squad, but for the short duration in the near future our Friday and Sunday nights will be as an Allied late model squad. You see we fly on a private server for 3 hours Friday and Sunday against the AKA-WARDOGS and as it happens we switch sides at the end of each map and this happens to be our turn to go Allied. We do however fly Axis on the TAW, Knights of the air, and Combat Box servers almost exclusively. If this sounds like you could have fun with us and you have Discord then by all means click the link https://discord.gg/jXBg44 and check in on Discord. If we don't look like a good fit then thank you for looking in and saying hello. >S<
  3. Welcome aboard DocVenture. As Moostafa so eloquently stated Your name will be shortened to Doc on comms just because everyone is shorter on comms. I go by Og on comms when the full name is Ogg. Like I said everything is shortened for comms LOL. Sorry it took so long to get back on and say hello but I've been putting out a possible fire in the TAW forums. I set it on fire then I try to control the flame which never actually happens because I'm just a grumpy old Jar Head sometimes and I don't have a good filter. Hopefully we'll have you set up on comms for Friday night flights and the big question is. Whatcha flying? BTW Moo had a pair of Warthogs playing over here at Bishop today.
  4. JOKKR, take a bow you were top dog for the night. >S<
  5. A Friday Night Flight memory from Oct, 14, 2019
  6. I'll get with Moostafa and see if we can't come up with a "Supply Flight" Merit award. We'll just have to get an idea of how to get the credits, for JU52, automatically like the stats page we run now. But you do have a good idea. >S<
  7. Nov. 01. 2019 Friday Night Flights AKA expert private server
  8. Ogg


    Truth, Yes, reality, you'll be very outclassed. but for the most part you'll be able to play on all the maps
  9. Ogg


    you'll need to get Bodenplotte from IL2 though. A lot of maps are running the newest plane sets from there. https://il2sturmovik.com/store/battle-of-bodenplatte/
  10. Ogg


    Get at least Stalingrad from Steam. That will be the primary account. You'll get Steam Downloader for future updates. Then get the rest from either one, whoever has the best pricing when you're ready. You can always look here and see what you are missing and the current pricing on steam https://store.steampowered.com/search/?term=il2 Good to see you back Viper/Ginger >S<
  11. >S< I'm speaking of the 262 here. She's a sexy beast and if we were to fly it right no one is going to touch it with the exception of the laser locked AI tail gunners. I flew it on single player mission as an air start and killed an A20 and a PE2 and only took a single plink from the PE2. Both aircraft were wing off deaths. The unfortunate part of the 262 is the ammo loadout. It's light, Real light, I'm talkin' 8 seconds light if that. After the A20 and PE2 there are ground targets. I hit the convoy and got one truck and I was out of ammo. If you haven'e seen the Air Combat Tutorial youtube account on the 262 you need to see it before you even try to get one in a server. I kept overheating engine 1 while starting engine 2. And for those of you that fung schwayed your keymapper and can't start multiple engines on a single stroke of the E key you're Shit out of luck. There is a lot of little things to do during the startup process. I have to figure out how I can reset my igniter buttons for each engine to get them fired at certain timing during the start. She's a slug on the bottom while landing and taking off but, once she's moving she really moves. You will also need to setup your elevator and rudder trims to keep her in level flight. She's touchy to the elevator change and if you change 10Km/H you'll be changing the elevator trim to keep up. With the turbine at 8400 RPM I was able to get 682Km/H in level flight with trims alone. Again watch the Air Combat tutorial guide before attempting to start one on the ground. >S<
  12. They called it the Great Crusade (Operation Overlord). My Grandfather called it the day he lost a brother to the madness of mankind. My Grandfather Donald with the grace of God waded ashore on the beaches of Normandy at Utah Beach. He was an engineer. My grandfather was awarded a Purple heart for his wounds sustained in the leg while clearing an obstacle. His brother Ora was in the landings on Omaha beach. He made it to the bluffs before succumbing to wounds. He is buried in France. My Grandfather was again wounded later in April 1945. He returned home to a 196 square foot house where my Grandmother, mother, and aunt awaited him. It was located 280 miles north of Detroit (Were he was released from active duty). While hitchhiking home my Great Uncle just happened to be driving from Bay City and saw him on the road. A ride for the final last 100 miles going home. He never really had much in the way of possessions, and what he had he gladly shared with others. He was appointed the Postmaster of his small town (at the time pop:480), Along with the postmasters position the U.S. Government built him a home for his service on a small loan guarantee. As new people moved in to town they were always invited to dinner. It might have been venison, Fresh trout, or a recently butchered hog from my Great grandfathers farm. You never knew what was for dinner but it was always enough to feed more than those that sat at his table. He knew everybody and I do mean everybody and everybody knew him. When he retired from the Postal Service the towns population was 2400. Everybody knew him. Nobody ever said a bad thing about my Grandfather. He passed away in 1991 and I miss him to this day. He's my hero and I try to be more like him every day.
  13. If you bail out of an aircraft you also will not lose a life. It's only when you die in the cockpit or are killed in your chute. Last map I had 1 death early with 4 ditched or crashed and 2 bail outs the rest of the map and was still at 3 lives near the end of the map. CAP engage and run if you get any damage and you'll be fine.

JG51 "Mölders" is an online virtual squadron that focuses its attention mainly on flying WWII era German aircraft. We have been flying together as a group since the late 1980's.

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