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  1. Unfortunately the wife planned a camping trip this weekend or I would jump on it. I will hopefully join this sunday,s mission though. I do need a key for tacview and I still need to setup the srs comms.
  2. I have stalingrad Moscow kuban and bodenplatte all premium editions.
  3. Well just bought Bodenplatte. Please dont tell the wife UGH!
  4. Hey Movak! The answer is maybe I got a yoke and throttle quadrant that I use for xplane 11 I am going to try it out for IL2 and see if i like it or not.
  5. Thank you both for the reply. If I buy up to Kuban will I be able to fly in this current campaign?
  6. Also did you all buy them from steam or the IL2 website?
  7. Reporting for duty! Ok just saw the %75 on BOS, BOM, and BOK What all do I need to get back online? Does all of the game intertwine with one another? What do I need after these Battle of Boldenplatte? If someone can please take some time and explain everything I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!!!! Was JG51_Viper03
  8. Good builds everyone. For those of you who do not want to build your own I bought a pre-built gaming computer from best buy. Got it for $1199 https://www.bestbuy.com/site/cyberpowerpc-gamer-master-gaming-desktop-amd-ryzen-7-series-16gb-memory-nvidia-geforce-rtx-2070-2tb-hdd-240gb-ssd-white/6315148.p?skuId=6315148 It goes on sale often and has some good stuff in it. The only thing I had to add was a better CPU cooler the one they put in it was crap. Runs real strong.

JG51 "Mölders" is an online virtual squadron that focuses its attention mainly on flying WWII era German aircraft. We have been flying together as a group since the late 1980's.

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