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  1. Thanks, Moostafa. Not sure what's up with discord. Could be on me, I haven't used discord much. I'm looking forward to flying with a squad again. I live in Leavenworth, outside the wall 🙂
  2. Hello. I saw you were recruiting and I am interested in joining. I am returning to flight sims after a time of on again off again flying. RL kept getting in the way. BTW, I think RL is overrated. Getting a Rift last Christmas rekindled my interest. I began with JG51 in War Birds many years ago and stuck with them in the transition to IL2 Sturmovik when the squad changed to IV./JG51. The squad became Air Group 51 about the time slowed down my flying. My call sign was hazmat. I consider myself a fair pilot, still getting back into it, I can Jagd, Jabo, and I have been playing round with the HE111and JU88. My nav skills without the mission map need considerable work. I live in KS and teach history at a small college. I can usually fly during your times. I look forward to hearing from you. My discord is doc venture#9995

JG51 "Mölders" is an online virtual squadron that focuses its attention mainly on flying WWII era German aircraft. We have been flying together as a group since the late 1980's.

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