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  1. Mic was dead so no sound just absolute silence. I overstressed engine on my run with he111 but it was still working just not well and I didn't want to damage it further. my procedure is too let the plane lose about 500m of alt gradually at least till I drop my two1800sc bombs. Once dropped the plane was light enough that I was able to return back to base. All in all plz enjoy and if you see any mistakes feel free to point it out, Nice flying with you guys as always.
  2. Thx dont have one for sundays but definitely the next one sorry i left early this time
  3. At 360p now but should update to 1080 soon hope you enjoy

JG51 "Mölders" is an online virtual squadron that focuses its attention mainly on flying WWII era German aircraft. We have been flying together as a group since the late 1980's.

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