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  1. Hoping we see you this Friday as we could really use the help.
  2. Sweet looking forward to seeing you up in the Sky with us. Will have to get you setup with our new radio system.
  3. LOL, I know how that goes 🙂 Did you happen to pick the others up or just Bodenplatte? Only asking because I'm wondering what aircraft you have.
  4. List of aircraft... https://il2sturmovik.com/about/#4
  5. Like Ogg said you can fly but it may not be the aircraft that you want. All the Bf110s, Ju87s, Ju88s and He111s will be available to you but you will be limited to the early war Bf109s and Fw190s. For the Bf109 you will be limited up to the Bf109G-4 (not a bad aircraft). The G-6 is a collectors plane and for some strange reason is one of the few aircraft that has to be bought by itself. I would wait for this one to go on sale. The K-14 and K-4 come with Bodenplatte. For the Fw190s you will be limited to the A-3 and A-5. The Fw190A-8 and D-9 come with Bodenplatte. Bodenplatte is still not officially out but it will be at the first of November. Currently it is showing as being $10 the base price but I'm sure at some point next year it too will get a discount added to it during the sales C1 runs.
  6. Nice to have you back Viper. Yes all the different modules intertwine with each other. Basically what you are doing is buying the ability to fly the plane sets that come with each model as the maps are free to fly on online even if you don’t own the module. At the current prices I would pickup the premium versions as they give you access to the collector planes for that module. Usually there are two or three collector planes that will cost you $20 each if you don’t. I bought my stuff from their website, Ogg got his off of steam. The only real difference is that steam has a lot better download speeds then doesthe IL-2 site. Right now we are flying a campaign with later war aircraft. If you are not planning on picking up BODENPLATTE then I would at least make sure to pickup the battle of Kuban so you can join us. Are you running VR? also make sure you check thread on the forum the briefing for this Friday.
  7. Moostafa

    JG51 Squad Night

    Time to get our fly on
  8. until
    Come join for some fun in the vSky of IL-2.
  9. I have been flying on the TAW server with OGG and Djuroslav for the last two weeks and even with the new ruleset I really have not noticed any difference other than I am not flying any ground attack missions. The main reason why is that we are usually outnumbered and it would be to dangerous for little gain. It has been a lot of fun with some really whit knuckle moments. I would really like to see use try flying on this server on a Friday.
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