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OVGME is a popular modding tool that allows you to selectively enable and disable mods individually, by saving them in a separate folder and only linking to this folder when a mod is enabled in the program. This allows you to quickly enable and disable mods as you need.


Download the installer
EXE Download
Portable ZIP version

Setting up OVGME (profiles)

Once you have OVGME installed, you can proceed to create a profile for your IL-2 game. Please note that OVGME can be used with any game that allows MODS and you can create more than one profile for each game. Like, if you wanted to have a profile for IL-2 for multiplayer and for single player.

To setup, a profile, open up OVGME and if this is your first time opening it, you will automatically be greeted with the 'Welcome to OVGME!' window from where you create your first profile. Alternatively, you can press 'New' in the main OVGME windows (next to your "currently selected profile" and 'edit' buttons).

There are 4 fields in this profile creation window:


1. Configuration title
This is basically the name you wish to give your profile.

2. Configuration root folder
This is the folder where the mods will be applied if you enable them, so you want to point this to your IL-2 installation folder. For me, this is C:\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Moscow but yours might vary depending on where you installed it to.  Steam users will find their folder in \Steam\steamapps\common

3. Configuration mods folder
This is the folder where you will store your mods to be enabled or disabled. So when you download a MOD this is the folder you are going to put it in. 

4. Custom configuration folder (OPTIONAL)
This is a backup location to where your backup data of original game or software files are stored. This is optional but I highly recommend setting this folder up.

I placed both my MODS folder and BACKUP folder inside my OVGME folder just to make it easy for me to find them but they can be placed anywhere you want. 


In the above image, you will notice that I have three profiles created, two for DCS and one for IL-2. All three have a MODS and Backup folder.


Adding mods to OVGME

To install MODS you simply download the MOD you want to install and then unzip or open the archive file, and drag the MOD folder into the folder you specified for storing mods (Configuration mods folder). In the above image for my IL-2 MODS that folder is called "IL2 MODS". If we open that folder up you will see the MODS I have available to be enabled or disabled.


Folder formatting

In the above image, there are five folders inside my IL2 MODS folder. These folders can be named whatever you like in order for you to know what they are. This first layer of our folder formatting is only used by the OVGME program and is what you will see inside the program to identify the MODs.


You can see that in the above image. 

The next layer in the folder formatting is the start of the folder structure you want to install the MOD to. The structure will mirror the game folder structure you are installing the MOD to. Don't worry most MODS you will download will already have this done, but just so you understand the folder formatting structure lets go over a simple one. In the image above I have a MOD called "recording_settings" and one called "VR_settings". These are just different versions of the Startup.cfg file that is found in the C:\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Moscow\data folder of the IL-2 game.  

Because both MODS are of the same file only one of them can be active in the OVGME program at a time. You can see this in the above image as the "recording_settings" MOD does not have a green checkmark next to it. The lack of a checkmark denoting that it is not active in the game currently.

The reason I have these two mods is that it allows me to change between graphics settings and resolutions with a single click of a button.

Now, let's open the "VR_settings" folder and take a look at the file structure.


Inside the "VR_settings" folder is the data folder and inside the data folder is the startup.cfg file.


So as you can see all we are doing with the file structure is telling the OVGME program where we want it to install the startup.cfg file. What the OVGME program then does is makes a copy of the original file and file structure and then copies over the new one to that location.

Enabling / disabling mods

Enabling and disabling mods from the main OVGME windows is as easy as selecting the mod(s) you wish to enable / disable and clicking the button 'disable selected' or 'enable selected' to do just what the button says. You can hold SHIFT or CTRL to select multiple mods to enable / disable them at the same time.

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