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  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Df5_N5WTlNw
  3. Thx dont have one for sundays but definitely the next one sorry i left early this time
  4. JOKKR, take a bow you were top dog for the night. >S<
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  6. A Friday Night Flight memory from Oct, 14, 2019
  7. I'll get with Moostafa and see if we can't come up with a "Supply Flight" Merit award. We'll just have to get an idea of how to get the credits, for JU52, automatically like the stats page we run now. But you do have a good idea. >S<
  8. I think I got partly got this idea from my fairly recent reading on the Pacific war and fighter pilot's lavish praise of PBY crews. At least one P-39 and one P-38 guy I read recently said if anyone earned their DSM and Navy Crosses it was the PBY crews.
  9. To be honest I have more interest in the scoring system than my actual score. As such I wanted to see if there was any thoughts about crediting successful Ju-52 missions? They take forever and if enemy aircraft are about a bit dangerous, and if directly under an enemy cap area ridiculously dangerous. I suspect that all of us with the aircraft are happy to fly them even without credit but it seems to me to be fairer to reward those that get those necessary jobs done.
  10. Nov. 01. 2019 Friday Night Flights AKA expert private server
  11. Unfortunately the wife planned a camping trip this weekend or I would jump on it. I will hopefully join this sunday,s mission though. I do need a key for tacview and I still need to setup the srs comms.
  12. Hoping we see you this Friday as we could really use the help.
  13. Sweet looking forward to seeing you up in the Sky with us. Will have to get you setup with our new radio system.
  14. I have stalingrad Moscow kuban and bodenplatte all premium editions.
  15. LOL, I know how that goes 🙂 Did you happen to pick the others up or just Bodenplatte? Only asking because I'm wondering what aircraft you have.
  16. Well just bought Bodenplatte. Please dont tell the wife UGH!
  17. List of aircraft... https://il2sturmovik.com/about/#4
  18. Like Ogg said you can fly but it may not be the aircraft that you want. All the Bf110s, Ju87s, Ju88s and He111s will be available to you but you will be limited to the early war Bf109s and Fw190s. For the Bf109 you will be limited up to the Bf109G-4 (not a bad aircraft). The G-6 is a collectors plane and for some strange reason is one of the few aircraft that has to be bought by itself. I would wait for this one to go on sale. The K-14 and K-4 come with Bodenplatte. For the Fw190s you will be limited to the A-3 and A-5. The Fw190A-8 and D-9 come with Bodenplatte. Bodenplatte is still not officially out but it will be at the first of November. Currently it is showing as being $10 the base price but I'm sure at some point next year it too will get a discount added to it during the sales C1 runs.
  19. Ogg


    Truth, Yes, reality, you'll be very outclassed. but for the most part you'll be able to play on all the maps
  20. Hey Movak! The answer is maybe I got a yoke and throttle quadrant that I use for xplane 11 I am going to try it out for IL2 and see if i like it or not.
  21. Welcome back! Do you still want my HOTAS? I need your address again to send it out.
  22. Thank you both for the reply. If I buy up to Kuban will I be able to fly in this current campaign?
  23. Ogg


    you'll need to get Bodenplotte from IL2 though. A lot of maps are running the newest plane sets from there. https://il2sturmovik.com/store/battle-of-bodenplatte/
  24. Ogg


    Get at least Stalingrad from Steam. That will be the primary account. You'll get Steam Downloader for future updates. Then get the rest from either one, whoever has the best pricing when you're ready. You can always look here and see what you are missing and the current pricing on steam https://store.steampowered.com/search/?term=il2 Good to see you back Viper/Ginger >S<
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