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Friday night flights

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This Friday starting at 8 pm Eastern (7 pm Central) I'm planning on running another Friday night flights. I'm hoping we have the same outstanding turnout that we did last week.

(Train like you fight)

This week, however, I would like to do things a little different. I would like for us to breif each flight beforehand using the mission planning tool. Then after we are done flying the sortie I would like for us to debrief it using TACVIEW.  

I know this will be a somewhat cumbersome process as we learn to do it but it's only with practice that we will get more efficient so please be patient and coming into the night know that there is going to be some downtime.

Those pilots that do not have TACVIEW yet please get with me so I can get you squard away. 

On a side note - Provide the KOTA server is up I would like for us to run our sorties on that server regardless if there is opposition or not, at least for the first couple sorties. This nights activity is more about learning to use the mission planning tool and TACVIEW asa squadron then it is to rule the sky with our superior skill and good looks. 

Walk, crawl, run!

I hope to see you all on Friday.
Good Hunting!


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