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Been asking yourself "What's the secret to starting the BF110-E2"?

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Well here's the answer in a short 15 minute presentation covering

Cold Start

Takeoff (My way)

Ariel Gunnery (My way)

and Landing (My way)

What you need to know is your key-mapped keys.

Default keys are used with the exception of radiator controls, also during flap control which is not default mapped for me.  You will need to know your setup for engine coolant  radiator for BF110, Oil coolant radiator for BF110, Flaps up, and Flaps down

Keyboard 1 (Engine one selection),  Keyboard 2 (Engine two selection),  Keyboard 0 (Tied engine selection), Keyboard E (engine start default)


The basic idea is to let the engines breathe after they start.  Let them get fuel into them by following the procedures within.

So if you have any questions after the video please ask away.


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