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    • BlackC5

      Alternate squad night   08/06/2018

      We will be adding an alternate squad night of Saturdays @ 9:30 eastern, we may be flying BOS or CloD join up on the ATAG TS server @ the JG51 channel to find out which. the normal Sunday night squad night will still in effect for those who want to join.


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  1. so who is flying?

    Gone, but not forgettin'
  2. The Occasional Check In

    Man, the band is getting back together. I wish I could say I was on the horizon but life priorities really are on the house currently. It's crazy how busy life gets the older you get.  I've picked up a couple hobbies. I've been working on learning Italian on duolingo for the last year. Io penso che è lavorare per me e è una gioa. I think it's working for and it's a joy. Previously mentioned bee keeping. The nice thing is it's not super time consuming, I just hope they live... like anything it's never cheap to get up and running. If anyone is on Xbox One, look me up - JayThePapist
  3. You know it's time to check in with the crew when Tee and Ogg check in to see if you're still alive . Here some of my reply to Ogg. Hey Ogg-orino! Life is good! Bought a house last October and it has a project going at all time. Here is a couple albums of everything that's gone on so far: https://goo.gl/photos/zv2R7Fpfcm9R8zVc9 https://goo.gl/photos/18kjNYFDt2z6pjKc9 The next big project is we're putting in solar panels in the back field.  Beth is good, she's anxious to get our adoption under way. We've been working on it for a year now and we just need to get all the paperwork wrapped up, so kids are in the works. We haven't done much more exotic hiking. Last summer we hiked Mount Washington in NH, the tallest peak in the east I think. It was pretty legit. We hiked up and took the train back down I got my wife into skiing two winters ago so we've taken that on together. I haven't brewed in forever but we're having a big field party at our place this summer so I need to get a couple going. Crazy to think how long we've all known each other right? I was 22 or so I think. I fired my facebook back up. I'll have to reconnect with all you guys. I had to refriend a lot of people. I think I'm only connected up with Bubi at the moment. I have a couple bee colonies now, so I go across the field and check them each day. The wife and I have been going swing dancing and have been taking lessons so that's a good work out weekly too. Of course Bubi thinks that's pretty great Glad to hear everyone is getting out of that train wreck of a game. I can't believe it's still going. Sounds like they keep trying to revitalize it but they've destroyed the air war. I'm assuming it's still a nominal part of the game any more, just a novelty. My wife just bought me an xbox one for my birthday last year [October], and it arrived last Monday, speaking of it not being my birthday :D. Unfortunately a gaming rig is not in the future for me. I got the Xbox Monday and just played it for an hour last night for the first time. I guess I'm getting old and busy. Sounds like JG51 is stable, which is great to hear! I miss the gang. Who knows what the future holds I guess. I'll definitely try to pop on one of these days to see how everyone is doing. Hope all you guys are doing well!  V