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  1. My absence of late

    OD on oxy and feel nothing. That is insane... Previously I had only snorted dilaudid on occasion and ive eaten opium plenty of times it lasts a good while. Opiates haven't really been a problem for me before I was always into uppers. I got like 120 4mg dilaudid and by the end of the week I started IV'ing it, and not long after that ran out of dilaudid so went lookin for smack and didn't take more than 30 mins. I passed out long enough for my car battery to die countless times now but i have a battery charger so it just became normal. Sometimes I will forget the last 10 miles i traveled and I woke up last night at 3 am at a shopping mall that I've never been to in my life before. I would tell my parents maybe have them take my keys and not let me leave but my mom doesnt need the stress and my dad already knows and hes not gonna take my keys unless he takes them with me outside the house but he flipflops because he is the most bipolar individual i've ever met he isn't able to hold his self accountable let alone me. One of my friends and i are going to start ordering suboxone off the dark web to try to clean up because both he and I almost OD'd last weekend. the problem is the website has suboxone listed yaknow right next to a candy store of xanax bars and tabs of 25i etc etc willpower has never been our strong suit but we order this stuff anyway why not make an effort to cut it back to just a withdrawal med right?
  2. My absence of late

    Thank you guys a million. Understanding is one of the hardest things to do sometimes and I appreciate your patience.
  3. My absence of late

    Hey guys, I am indeed alive but alot has been going on in my life recently and I haven't been able to find the time to fly alot. I feel the need to explain myself but I'm not a really open person and I don't talk about my personal life as a general rule but this is the exception. Say what you will but at the very least understanding is appreciated. What's going on? My dog was just put down, my father is stressed and has kicked me out multiple times the last few months, and my Mother is dying of lung cancer that she was diagnosed with 8 years ago. Last year they found another tumor but didn't operate on it as it was too close to her spine and radiation would have either killed or paralyzed her. idk if its been audible on ts but if there is a buzzing in the background that's an oxygen machine. My two best friends are both in some shit too that ive been stressing on, oliver's car got hit and even though he wasn't at fault he fled as he was on and in posession of scheduled substances, the other broke up with his girlfriend and she falsely accused him of domestic violence so he is laying low as he doesn't want to get executed on the side of the road on the word of a psycho that once bit him through two layers of denim and broke skin enough to the point of highly visible scarring.  Now the hard part. I have a problem with substance abuse that has existed since I started smoking dope in 8th grade, in 2012. I've gotten clean a number of times and I know I can again, logically. I relapsed in November. I use opiates.
  4. Welcome ZG26_dobratz

    Welcome to the staffel. I should be on alot the next few days, we've been getting slammed at work so I've been getting awholllotta hours
  5. TS

  6. ZG26 skins

    Thanks tee! The spinners yiu only have to add to the one with the red band.
  7. 4.5 with Spudnick

    C6 is trash unless you are good at deflection shooting anyway which i mean i am pretty good with the cannon but it still sucks. And when i hit its 50/50 either theyre down or fine it seems. 
  8. 4.5 with Spudnick

    I set my alarm early to get up before work and install it and all that jazz and maybe fly single player for a second and try the new toys
  9. ZG26 skins

    I like the black outline with the red mouth.
  10. ZG26 skins

    Yes that is BEAUTIFUL- I love it. The final changes that i would recommend- slightly darker grey camouflage, white rudders, and the hakenkreuz on the tail and we are all set. To differentiate the flight lead and make BlackKnight scared for his life when he knows its me, could you also make a skin with black spirals on the hubs? The reason I wanted a higher resolution if at all possible (unless its the game that pixelates it) is that at some point i was possibly going add a personalized text for each pilot like a quote or a name or something of that order. Yeah the staffel that imma have zg26 using changes the inner ring to black and it looks pretty cool. I believe its 5./ZG26, however it puts a little insignia on the nose overlapping part of the mouth so i may search for another one altogether to solve that issue.  Colors for bands- White Black  Dark green Red
  11. Finally in the Air

    >S< Deth
  12. Improved visibility distance

    very many pilots have this set up this way and i haven't heard of anyone getting a ban from it.
  13. ZG26 skins

    Whenever I'm on, whether it's squad night or another time during the week, go ahead and fly with me!  The Bf-110 is literally a 109 with a second engine and better radiators, and operating it is pretty much the same as operating a 109. Sure, you have two engines, but the only things that that affects is startup, and engine management (ONLY in the case that one engine is damaged.) of the only 4 extra buttons you need for it, 3 are already bound by default and its shift+~ to select all engines (the ~ is by the 1), shift+1 to select left engine, and shift+2 to select the right engine. You need a button for the second fuel cock. the only difference is during startup you turn on the fuel cocks, and to start engines you need to hit shift 1 and hit i to start, and shift 2 and hit i to start, and then hit shift ~, and then you just fly like a big 109.  
  14. ZG26 skins

    You won't find a better teacher and your timing is great because I'm gonns be training 3 other people coming up here
  15. ZG26 skins

    I really like the zg76-zg26 fusion with the shark's mouth! maybe with the engine nacelles colored white until the point where they contact the wing, and the white on the nose extended downward so it looks like the zg26 paintscheme with a mouth painted on top of the white nose (but not extended back at all)! That could look really cool! the band on the fuselage can be the color that is changed for identification! Edit- When i open the rar file it is empty Edit- my RAR program was trash I got the files There are some strange white streaks on the top of the engines and the right side of fuselage just behind the nose that may need fixed and we could do with increasing the resolution if that is an option but for a first skin it is absolutely beautiful and I love the design already! I may try my hand at skinning again to just try different things but i've never been good at doing skins in the least.