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  1. Now I've been banned from TS

    Easy now. I was just saying I haven't had problems there. I didn't intend on it becoming some kinda loyalty test. I just play where people are. If you guys are on Warbirds server on Sunday then I'll go to Warbirds. If there's 60 people on ATAG on a Tuesday night I'll go to ATAG. No big deal.
  2. Now I've been banned from TS

    Weird I've never had a problem there...to me the update was a disaster at first but after that server fix things have been looking good. I don't know I play on ATAG almost every day and never felt like it was clique-y...at least on the axis side. Alas maybe I'm not paying attention. The real b/tch is that its typically the only server that has a grip of people on it and I'm not into fighting with AI.
  3. Attack on Blens

    Good times. I wish we had a good shot of the 6 of us contrailing in formation. Like I said yesterday that wouldn't be a pretty sight from below.
  4. Aloha

    Great to be back online with you fools last night. Good times. I still suck but I look forward to doing it again.
  5. Aloha

    Whats up guys...I finally reloaded Cliffs of Dover. All the team fusion updates were getting to me. Anyway I hope you guys are jammin' tonight. I'm hoping to jump in and see if I still know how to take off :-\ GODSPEED!
  6. HEYO

    Hey guys, sorry for being so elusive I'm still alive. I had to uninstall CloD about a month ago (Long Story). Anyway, I plan on coming back and being active I just super busy and rebuilding my computer...as soon I'm good to go I'll be hopping back online with you fools. God speed!
  7. Ok

    Well it has ailerons so it can't be from Sunday night.
  8. DCS

    Dude after playing this the 109 in CLoD feels like a spaceship. It'll make you better lololololol
  9. DCS

    Alright someone here who can play weekday night has got to get this game and play with my ass (I'm looking at you @BlackC5) Just get the P-51D, I think it's $20 and you'd be good to go. It's the gateway drug. I've been playing online this week in both the 109 and P-51. The 109 is an absolute b/tch to fly and the P-51 is super easy...tho totally outclassed by the 109. You can get a slight advantage by getting up to 25,000 feet but at that altitude it's virtually impossible to turn. The servers are relatively bare and the rules are different on all of them. I'm trying to get ok at the game before they're crowded with people cause of the Normandy map. The Storm of War server is probably the closest to what ATAG runs. The others have bots and make it really easy to see where everyone on the map is. It's fun as hell tho...a LOT more challenging CLoD from what I can tell. Half the fun for me is the startup procedure...esp on the P-51.
  10. DCS

    Heads up my dudes there is a 40% Easter sale on DCS planes this weekend. I just snagged the P-51D cause it's down to $17. Man the P-51 is soooo much easier to fly than the 109...trim helps.
  11. DCS

    I can also tell you that taking off and landing the 109 is....an adventure in DCS. It's pretty cool. Taking off I get but landing? I stick the landing maybe 1 out of 5 tries where in CLoD its more like 4 of 5. The startup, etc is really fun too.
  12. DCS

    Yeah for sure. I've been playing it this week and the graphics are sweet and the flight model is really good...but it's not cool at all when you're flying over 2015 Ukraine, etc.  If the Normandy map wasn't coming out I wouldn't even bother...I guess we'll see. But the truth is unless the Multiplayer is super good it won't be worth it at all. 
  13. DCS

    Oh dude and I just fired up CLoD and now it looks like 20 years old. This is EXACTLY what I was afraid of :-\
  14. DCS

    I picked up the 109 today and messed with it a little. Took about a 1/2 hour to start but I think I'm good now lolololool I did a quick dogfight with a P51 and I got the somebtch but my engine siezed. Anyway, it is beautiful...and with the Normandy map it will not feel weird. I need to figure it out a bit more but i'd be down to play online for sure. 
  15. DCS

    My dudes, maybe everyone has already seen the WWII/Normandy map for DCS...I hadn't seen anything until just last night when I peeped the below video. Anyway, obviously I really dig CLoD and am pumped for Team Fusion 5.0 but this looks like some next-level shit. I was hoping you guys could talk me down and tell me why DCS sucks and why I shouldn't bother.