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  1. Gingerman

    Knights of the Air versus Wings of Liberty

    I fly on Battlefield V on playstation 4 does that give me the navigation skills needed for that server? Just kidding! I like the hardcore stuff better no GPS is hell a better. We do fly these sims for realism right??
  2. Gingerman

    Study level porn

    I'm going to have to get the f-18 and get into this sim. Looks to good.
  3. Gingerman


    Haha it's my new game name. And its a little bit of both Movak! You know me and those gingerbread houses!! I most likely will hit you up for the Hotas whenever I get the game I will message you.
  4. Gingerman


    S! JG51 its viper. I'm still around got a new job that has been taking all my time. I hope to eventually join you guys in BOX I will have to buy it maybe when it goes on sale. Miss flying with everyone hope to see ya soon.