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  1. Bowdy

    Flying tonight 1/9/19

    I won't be on right at 6 but I should be on tonight
  2. Just wanted to throw this out there as a second attempt. Discord has a number of advantages over teamspeak, such as: Persistent Chat Channels: Use the discord app on your smart phone to stay in touch with squad mates even when you're not at the PC. Easily share videos, pictures, links, etc. Easily see who is online, and who is already playing games. Superior Voice Quality (subjective of course, but I do feel that way) In Game Overlay: Easily see who is talking for those of us that don't know everyone's voice yet. (Could never get TeamSpeaks to work) I always have discord running on my PC. I can easily check all the servers I'm a part of to see what announcements I've missed, etc. (There is an official IL2 discord as well) I have heard some complaints that they didn't like all the beeps and pings, but that is easily remedied. Below is my setup guide for discord: After installing and creating an account, click the settings cogwheel, and configure your microphone. I suggest using push to talk (Anyone who doesn't is a filthy peasant) Also, setup a hotkey for your push to talk key (I use an unused button on my joystick so I can cry to you guys while i get shot down) Pic: Scroll down a little and there is a nice option called Attenuation. This will automatically lower the volume of everything other than discord when you talk, or if somebody else talks. It is optional but it's make hearing people over our noisy BF109 engines a lot easier. Pic: Now go to the Overlay option. Setup a hotkey to toggle it on and off, and use whatever settings you would like. I use these: Pic: Now go to Notifications. Here is where you can tell discord to shut up if you don't like all of the random pings you will get from activity. Use whatever settings you would like, but I use these: Pic1: Pic2: Finally, go to Keybinds. Here you can setup additional hotkeys. I for example have two different push to talk keys, one on the keyboard, and one on the joystick. Use whatever you like, but I use these: Pic: I hope this helps, and hope to see the squad make a transition to discord in the coming weeks. I hated it first to be honest, but now I can't live without it. I would love to be able to hop on my phone before I leave work and say: "Be home in a half hour, whos gonna be ready for TAW?", or even discuss tactics throughout the day when I can't be gaming. Let me know if you have any feedback or questions. S!
  3. Bowdy


    Thanks! Already got most of my equipment up, but wife says I can't open the rudder pedals until christmas 🙂 Been flying some single player in BoS, looking forward to playing with you guys again!