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  1. Seems like a good deal
  2. Check out OpenVR Advanced Setting v2.4.1   Once installed, Open SteamVR Settings. On the Developer tab, you can adjust Supersampling with a slider.    Play with the settings to get the best possible video / performance    Before setting, I could barely read my Altitude and contacts were so blurry I could not id anything.    After, I was able to see gauges and could ID  planes.      
  3. IL2:BOS = lost more than in COD.  I found a good tool for nav.   http://il2map.info/  
  4. IL2:BOS gets VR https://il2sturmovik.com/news/303/update-2009-vr/
  5. This is aimed at anyone with Oculus or Vive.  That means you Tee... How is it in IL2 or other flight sims you may play.  For the price is it worth it at this point or is it just a novelty?  I see that IL2:BOS is close to releasing an update at end of March.  I want to invest in VR but feel the time is not there for Flight sims.  What I have seen so far is that it lacks the resolution needed to see dot contacts.  Then there is the low number of flight sims that support.   I don't care for War Thunder so far.  If it works there then.... What are your thoughts?
  6. Storm of War 4.0

  7. Attack on Bombers

    Been there... Watched that...  LOL  Good job though.  That first pass you did messed him all up.  I barely hit the wing tip and you sympathized with me.  It was funny.  You looked back right when I was missing the plane and hitting the wing tip.  Sorry you crashed. Will drink one for you.