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  1. My absence of late

    sorry to hear this Racha, let us know if we can help.
  2. so here is my code for the work in progress   include "target.tmh" //program startup int main() {         Configure(&HCougar, MODE_EXCLUDED);     Configure(&T16000, MODE_EXCLUDED);     Configure(&T16000L, MODE_EXCLUDED);     Configure(&LMFD, MODE_EXCLUDED);     Configure(&RMFD, MODE_EXCLUDED);     Configure(&TFRPRudder, MODE_EXCLUDED);     Configure(&TWCSThrottle, MODE_EXCLUDED);     if(Init(&EventHandle)) return 1; // declare the event handler, return on error          //add initialization code here     SetKBRate(32, 50);     SetKBLayout(KB_ENG);     MapKey(&Joystick, S2, F5);     MapKey(&Joystick, H2R, PULSE+RARROW);     MapKey(&Joystick, H2D, PULSE+DARROW);     MapKey(&Joystick, H2L, PULSE+LARROW);     MapKey(&Joystick, H4U, PULSE+UARROW);     MapKey(&Joystick, H3U, PULSE+'x');     MapKey(&Joystick, H3D, PULSE+'z');     MapKey(&Joystick, H3R, CHAIN(DOWN+'z', D(30000), UP+'z')); //30 sec of down flaps (full open)     MapKey(&Joystick, H3L, CHAIN(DOWN+'x', D(30000), UP+'x')); // 30 sec of close flaps (full close)     MapAxis(&Joystick, JOYX, DX_X_AXIS, AXIS_NORMAL, MAP_ABSOLUTE);     SetSCurve(&Joystick, JOYX, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0);     MapAxis(&Joystick, JOYY, DX_Y_AXIS, AXIS_NORMAL, MAP_ABSOLUTE);     SetSCurve(&Joystick, JOYY, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0);     MapKey(&Throttle, SC, F11);     MapKey(&Throttle, BSF, REXEC(0, 400,      "if(Joystick[JOYY] > 350) ActKey(PULSE+KEYON+'t'); if(Joystick[JOYY] < -250) ActKey(PULSE+KEYON+'r');")); //auto trim assigned to "BSF" on the Throttle REXEX exicutes and continues to exicute  this untill BSF is released this checks to see if joystick Y axis is > or < than the 350 or -250 up "t" or down "r" trim      MapKey(&Throttle, MSU, 't');     MapKey(&Throttle, MSD, 'r');     MapKey(&Throttle, MSR, CHAIN(DOWN+'z', D(4000), UP+'z')); //this issues z lower flaps delays for 4000 ms (4sec) and then releases the z key so 4 sec of down flaps     MapKey(&Throttle, CHF, 'a');     MapKey(&Throttle, CHB, 'q');     MapKey(&Throttle, LTB, F6);     MapKey(&Throttle, EACON, CHAIN( PULSE+'f', D(), PULSE+'s', D(), PULSE+'w', D(), DOWN+UARROW, D(), DOWN+RARROW, D(), PULSE+'p', D(), DOWN+'a')); // Chain() execuites ann within the () D() is a delay between actions, pulse+ is a press and release, DOWN+ holds it down untill Aan UP+ is issued, f = fuel, s = sight, W=int light,      MapKey(&Throttle, APENG, CHAIN( PULSE+'i', D(), PULSE+'h')); // i starts engine, h sets the chocks     MapKey(&Throttle, EACOFF, CHAIN( UP+RARROW, D(), UP+UARROW, D(), UP+'a')); // UARROW is my water rad open, RARROW is mt open oil rad this function stops the opening     MapAxis(&Throttle, SCX, DX_XROT_AXIS, AXIS_NORMAL, MAP_ABSOLUTE);     SetSCurve(&Throttle, SCX, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0);     MapAxis(&Throttle, SCY, DX_YROT_AXIS, AXIS_NORMAL, MAP_ABSOLUTE);     SetSCurve(&Throttle, SCY, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0);     MapAxis(&Throttle, THR_RIGHT, DX_THROTTLE_AXIS, AXIS_NORMAL, MAP_ABSOLUTE);     SetJCurve(&Throttle, THR_RIGHT, 50, 50);     MapAxis(&Throttle, THR_LEFT, DX_ZROT_AXIS, AXIS_NORMAL, MAP_ABSOLUTE);     SetJCurve(&Throttle, THR_LEFT, 50, 50);     MapAxis(&Throttle, THR_FC, DX_SLIDER_AXIS, AXIS_NORMAL, MAP_ABSOLUTE);     SetSCurve(&Throttle, THR_FC, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0); } //event handler int EventHandle(int type, alias o, int x) {     DefaultMapping(&o, x);          //add event handling code here }     most of this was created by the GUI that comes with thrustmaster on the second or 3rd page there is a button to show script, if you get a basic working profile then hit the show script you can copy the code to the scrip editor, this is all programmed in C and then compiled you will then have an option to run your compiled code or the script created by the GUI   so far I have a lot working without much coding
  3. after buying these for my rig i started with the 4.5 patch and I'm having a hard time not killing myself  http://www.dell.com/en-us/shop/hotas-warthog-joystick-for-pc/apd/a9168831/gaming http://mfg.simundza.com/order/index so I thought I would work on my joystick to see if I could make my life easier. First thing I learned was that I could put all of the startup crap on 1 switch and 1 push button. on one 3 pos switch I have my fuel open, my sight illum, my interior illum, open oil rad (continues  until i pull the switch to center pos), open water rad (same as Oil), turn prop pitch automation off, run prop pitch up (same as oil). pulling the switch back to the center pos cancels the opening of the oil rad, water rad and running the prop pitch up. on a push button I have engine start and set chocks in. now the start up is flip 1 switch to forward, press the start switch, then when I get back to it I can pull the switch back to center and I'm ready to go. this should help when I'm scrambling to take off with a bomber inbound. I also worked on an auto trim function, I have one 3 way switch setup so that when it is in the forward pos the script looks at my joystick Y pos (raw data from the hall effect sensor), and if the joy stick is in a forward or back position over a set amount the software starts issuing trim up or trim down commands until the back or forward pressure is taken off of the stick, I have it setup to check every 400 ms (0.4 sec) and the dead band is adjustable.  I have tried the auto trim function some and like what I'm seeing so far. this results in more stable dives so that I do not need to fight the trim. the correct trimming on a 109 results in faster airspeed and better turn performance. with this setup I can still override it and add more sooner if I want. but this should keep me close to correct trim at all times. I will be working on a combat flaps function next, this will be a button that when pressed runs flaps out for a specific amount of time and stops along with a function that when pressed closes the flaps all the way as well as a landing mode that runs the flaps all the way out with the single press of a button.   If anyone is interested let me know and I can help you configure your thrusthmaster product (this should work on any thrustmaster product)  
  4. Now I've been banned from TS

    yea I found out a wile back that they are starting some of the same crap that went on and drove me away from  WWIIOL. It will be interesting to see if the rest of us get the same treatment
  5. Star Citizen 3.0

    so what ship are you guys going with, I also saw that the recommended rig is 16GB of r\am. Im running 8 right now. is this a VR game?
  6. Star Citizen 3.0

    I could be convinced to join in.   is it on steam?
  7. sorry to hear this, I thought you were planning to build a new rig? let us know if we can help, and yes I will bring the issue up when and where i can.
  8. sry guys contractors trying to dry in my house before the rain
  9. Push to talk

    with CH it is not a problem but it may be with my new gear
  10. Stopped by to say HI

    Duke, please look at the ATAG link at the top of the page, it will provide you all of this information and it also will provide you with a lot of other useful information. We tend to fly the ATAG axis Vs allies server and the new (and very interesting) warbirds of pray server, Tee is involved with the development on that one and wile it is new it has a lot of features that we feel will make it better than the ATAG server in the future.
  11. Stopped by to say HI

    hello Duke, If you want to sharpen your CLoD skills here is the place, just hit up any JG51 member in game and we would love to help
  12. Throttle assembly

    wow a lot of real-estate my desk has too much other stuff on it lol 
  13. http://www.dell.com/en-us/shop/hotas-warthog-joystick-for-pc/apd/a9168831/gaming http://mfg.simundza.com/order/index WHOOT
  14. Squadron News

    very nice Tee
  15. German Ammunition

    tee is this correct or should it be Y N Y? Round number Name Smoke Exploding Tracer Description 0 Panzergranate no no no 115g AP 1 Panzerbrandgranate Phosphor o.Zerl no yes no 115g AP/I without self destruction 2 Panzersprenggranate L'spur m.Zerl no yes yes 115g AP with small HE payload, with tracer and self destruction 3 Brandsprenggranate L'spur m.Zerl yes yes yes 115g HE/I with tracer and self destruction 4 Brandgranate L'spur o.Zerl yes yes yes 115g AP/I with tracer without self destruction 5 M-Geschoss m.Zerl no yes no 92g HE with self destruction