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  1. glad to hear they found it in time, I had a friend die last year of a heart attack that could have been saved if he had just gone to the doctor over a 3 day period. Good luck and hope to see you in the air.
  2. not flying much lately

    followed by the beat down by a mad red headed wife, yea uhhh no.
  3. not flying much lately

    sorry that i missed squad night, I could not sit in that position for very long.
  4. Sorry guys I have been dealing with a back issue lately and sitting in my computer chair for extended periods makes it worse. I have been in the air a couple of times but like Sunday by the time i fly for 2 or 3 hours I have to get off.   JG51_BlackC5
  5. My absence of late

    I use a cpap also and have for 20 years, I did not go for the humidifier and I have no problems keeping it clean, add the humidifier and you will have to stay on top of the cleaning. Good luck
  6. Burn Baby Burn

    Nice Tee
  7. Operation Marmalade

    from no 85   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QBAAV34TdJU
  8. So I did not think that my recorder worked but I found all 3 hours of video on my hard drive. Enjoy it was a blast https://youtu.be/TX-IoqOCED8
  9. Soon

    Tee I stepped out with BoS but find that I quickly want to get back into CLoD. so I will wait until they get something out there for multi. I find that it is the people that keeps me in the air, not so much the blowing stuff up.
  10. Soon

    the  F18 was in falcon 3.0? thought it was the f16
  11. HEYO

    Hi Wonderbread hope to see you in the air soon, those allied pilots are just big bully's and always beating up on me.
  12. New Comer

    hi Sky welcome aboard.
  13. I hear you and not faulting your information gathering, it is just that TFS has been avoiding stating what they are using other than stating that "it will be historically accurate". i can understand some of the evasiveness on their part in that they do not want a lot of people posting "but what about the reference".   I think that there will be a lot of misunderstandings about what is in the game vs what was in the air way back then. for myself I do not care if it is historically accurate or not, i just want to know what it is in the game, every time I ask i get the ton of historical references thrown at me with the suggestion that I do the work for myself (which I have) and completely miss the point that the information out there does not agree.   for example I strongly doubt that the E7 will have a 700hp boost from Nitrous.