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  1. Hi Guys

    take look at this    http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/best-pc-builds,4390.html
  2. Film from last night

    nice to see that you are adopting my gunnery stile, fly in so close that you cannot miss, pull the trigger and shoot circles around the target   BTW i'm with Ogg you are the man of editing film  
  3. wish I could I have been getting intermittent service for a couple of weeks but it is working for 5 min and the down for 5 min. fun to watch tv like that all the sound and video just still frames. playing any online game is frustrating but trying to play CloD would result in me going postal. I have not even put my rig back together yet. I hope this changes soon, there is a swarm of Spectrum trucks in and around my neighborhood right now, my wife keeps going out and dragging them out of their truck and over to our house telling them that her husband is about to start shooting real people if he can't shoot virtual people lol.
  4. so do you want to know why it is so much harder to vent or oil a spit?   https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=26465  
  5. Yo

    welcome aboard S!
  6. the good news is that I have partial internet connectivity at my home again (F#@# you Harvey) the bad news is that it is only partial as in it works for a 60 seconds and then cuts out, so no flight time for me yet. hope to be back in the skys soon.
  7. Hi Guys

    getting the best deal starts with honestly deciding what you really need and what you really want (no they are not the same thing), I looked over the prepackaged kits and they are good but I think you could refine them some more based on the answers to the above questions.   also the new generation of intel chips are coming out, so if your are not ready to spend the money right now the answers to your questions will change in about 2 months   when you have answered the above questions to your own satisfaction share the answers with us and we will be glad to help you spend your money.
  8. nice read, I hope to have internet back this week so I may get the chance to practice.
  9. Hi Guys

    Be glad to help pick out parts, just let me know what your needs are.
  10. Hi Guys

    if you have never built a pc I would recommend it for the experience, it is not that hard and gives you a lot of confidence in the future.
  11. Hi Guys

    you can build a pc if you can read or follow a video. keep it simple air cooled I5 or I7 with as high of a single core speed as you can afford. good video card 1070 or so. get a good case get a SSD with a HDD to back it up.   figure out your budget first and then we can help.  
  12. https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=26269
  13. S!

    great team work nice video. I'm beginning to feel left out. I might have to see if I get this card table to fly some more. AEP is prommising me power at my house any day now.
  14. nice film Ogg, sorry I could not be there, the repair of Harvey damage is kicking my a$$. I hope to have power back at my home this week and maybe have more time to fly.
  15. that is the funny part, my sisters house was wind storm rated, but we think that it got hit by a tornado. My house was ok except the neighbors roof came off and hit my house, otherwise it would have only been damage to my shop building. the other funny part was that i was planning to stay in rock port with the backup plan of going to my sisters house if it got bad. glad to hear that Snap and family are  ok.   it was crazy watching the coverage showing the eye go over my house.