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    Message from TAW

    shit i wish i got to fight in the rain, never done that before
  2. FreshGiant

    Words cannot express how excited I am for this.

    I'm excited for the Polikarpov Po-2, the craziest biplane.
  3. I hope they'll release it soon on steam because man I need it.
  4. FreshGiant

    Ball Turrent

    Holy hell though, that thing shoots fast
  5. FreshGiant

    Ball Turrent

    man i wish the one that i got to sit in could still do this
  6. FreshGiant


    honestly i think i might give it a shot
  7. FreshGiant


    here ya go beazil this one should hopefully not expire
  8. FreshGiant


    It'd be really nice to fly with you guys in BoS again.