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  1. hi

    Hey what's up JG!? I found myself looking at videos from ww2 days and thought I'd say hi. It's awesome that you guys are still flying together. I only had time to check out a couple videos, but I really like the news reels. See you guys around. Psy 
  2. What's up

    I'm still in DC. Im loss prevention for lowes, so work keeps me freaking busy. I'm gonna start the application process next week to become a police officer. After I get back from California at the end of October I'll have better idea of when I can look into maybe jumping in game with you guys. How's everything been with you all?
  3. What's up

    Indeed it has....4-5 years now probably
  4. What's up

    What's up 51? I was thinking about how much I miss flying wwiionline so thought I'd say hi to my unofficial squadron JG51. Looks like you guys are playing a different game from watching some of Tee's videos. I don't have a computer, but maybe one day I will get back with you guys.    I hope all is well.  S!  Psy