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  1. JG51_Ogg

    Squad night and weekend

    >S< I am not going to be here this Sunday but I would like for our squad to use the Knights of the Air server. I have made a post in their forums asking for anyone to join us to fly with or against us. Also I will definitely be around all day Saturday if anyone needs to learn navigation or just want to get in some flight time. I could possibly be around for Friday night flights but won't know until noon Friday. Thank you, that is all >S<
  2. >S< I'm going to make a couple of statements here and you can take it for what it's worth. I have done a bit of research and found the following statement is exactly correct. Knights of the Air server does not use GPS and not only does it make you use your noodle to fly around and complete missions it also means engagements with enemy aircraft are spread out over the area. You have to know how to read a map in order to get to an area quickly. It also takes a skill to fly back to a field when your done with the mission. For this reason there is not always a lot of enemy action. Wings of Liberty has GPS on and if you're wondering how a single enemy turns into 8 enemy aircraft in a short amount of time, all you need to do is watch a couple of track view files and you'll get your answer the same as I have mine. You see an enemy aircraft or you're bounced by a crappy enemy pilot that can't shoot straight. After the initial they put the wings in the vertical and the stick in their chest and call on TS to the other 30 Allied fliers where they are. Allied pilots then all close on the area where they find 1 Allied flier turning tight circles descending to the deck with an Axis pilot or two trying to get lined on him. Conclusion: Our tactics are not made to work on a gang-bang server like Wings. There is no skill needed to fly and call friendly aircraft to you in Wings. Our tactics work in Knights of the Air because there is skill involved knowing where you are by map reading and coordinating efforts. When TAW starts back up then we will be flying there. There is no GPS in TAW. End thoughts: If you are going to fly in Wings don't bitch about being gang-banged and killed, I don't want to hear it. I don't care if you're the only one flying in KotA there is something to do that requires skill. If you want to fly with me then you need to fly the KotA server. Don't ask me to be GPS stupid. I'll be more than happy to work with everyone who wants to learn navigation below and above heavy clouds. I flew with Moostafa, Big10, C5, and MoGas. I flew above the clouds (no ground visuals available) and came back through the clouds to the target area and was within visual range of those flying under the clouds near the target. If they had been intercepted by enemy air I would have been the only pilot to be able to put bombs on target. It's an easy feat but it's a skill that must be learned and practiced. Know from now on don't ask what server I'm on unless the TAW and KotA servers are up at the same time. I'll be on KotA even if I'm the only one there and 70 are on wings server. >S<
  3. JG51_Ogg

    Let's use Discord instead?

    Here ya go Snap.. Hit the link https://discord.gg/KBS2DC5
  4. JG51_Ogg

    Long time for TAW to come back up.

    In the meantime I would appreciate flying in the Knights of the Air server to work on navigation and learning to navigate for those that have a hard time at it.
  5. From the forums of TAW. TAW made a statement next server probably in june. Q: Is there any specific reason for the long period between campaigns? A: Yes, additional time is needed to fix bugs, add new functions, planes, objects etc.
  6. JG51_Ogg

    Let's use Discord instead?

    We have C5 fixed up with Discord Let's try to get everyone on the Discord page......After I bought TS for my phone 😞
  7. JG51_Ogg

    Let's use Discord instead?

    OK let's get some links and get to testing this out. First need an addy. Second need a Saturday night time to get on TS and get things worked out. >S< EDIT: Got it working. Yeah it takes a minute to get setup. but the overlay works.
  8. JG51_Ogg

    How did we do?

    The campaign is over for TAW. It ended in a tie. Here are the vital facts for JG51. I would like to thank everyone who participated with the events. JG51 Molders Statistics Air kills 24 Air kills streak 5 Ground vehicles destroyed 122 Ground kills streak 20 Deaths 68 Total flight time 136h 39m Squadron members Name Air kills Ground kills Streak AK Streak GK Deaths Sorties Flight time JG51_Moostafa 8 15 4 0 15 65 32h 46m JG51_Ogg 7 31 0 0 21 95 43h 58m JG51_BlackC5 5 18 0 0 6 38 16h 38m JG51_Movak37 2 0 1 0 1 10 5h 4m JG51_Beazil 2 48 0 0 15 53 25h 10m JG51_Bowdy 0 10 0 4 6 18 8h 54m Wonderbread 0 0 0 0 2 6 1h 35m JG51_Snpshot 0 0 0 0 0 3 1h 32m JG51_FreshGiant 0 0 0 0 2 3 0h 59m Vital stats and awards for minimum 10 flights logged JG51_Moostafa (Top Gun recipient) Max air kills streak 4 Air kills 8 Assists 13 Max ground kills streak 9 Ground destroyed 15 Take-off 65 Captured 4 Deaths 15 flights per death 4.3 JG51_BlackC5 (Stayin' Alive trophy * Shared with Movac as honoree) Max air kills streak 2 Air kills 5 Assists 6 Take-off 36 Captured 1 Deaths 6 Flights per death 6.0 JG51_Ogg (Wingman recipient and Navagation Award winner) Max air kills streak 3 Air kills 7 Assists 14 Max ground kills streak 6 Ground destroyed 31 Take-offs 91 Captured 3 Deaths 21 Flights per death 4.3 JG51_Bowdy (Bullet sponge award recipient) Max air kills streak 0 Air kills 0 Assists 1 Max ground kills streak 4 Ground destroyed 10 Take-offs 17 Captured 0 Deaths 6 Flights per death 1.16 JG51_Movak37 (Participation trophy and Honoree with Black C5 Stayin' Alive trophy) Max air kills streak 1 Air kills 2 Assists 0 Max ground kills streak 0 Take-offs 10 Captured 0 Deaths 1 Flights per death 10 JG51_Beazil (Ground attack Guru Award) Max air kills streak 1 Air kills 2 Assists 3 Max ground kills streak 20 Ground destroyed 48 Take-offs 53 Captured 2 Deaths 15 Flights per death 3.53 I don't know about the rest of you but I am looking forward to the next campaign. >S<
  9. JG51_Ogg

    Message from TAW

    Guess I can say damn and the last map was friggin rain
  10. JG51_Ogg

    Message from TAW

    Posted 29 minutes ago Christmas break till 25.12.2018
  11. JG51_Ogg

    How much fun can you have in four minutes?

    I mis-labeled the Hs-129 as an HE129. And it is a lot of fun once you realize you're not going to blow up the engines easily.Ran it between 75-80% during normal flight and fire walled it during combat with no ill effects. With flaps at 40% during a dogfight you can turn and roll like a fighter...kinda. In the video Moostafa was in a rolling scissor with a Yak and held his own. It's on sale through IL2 and steam. A great little diversion when you get angry. >S<
  12. JG51_Ogg


    I was right. Got the email today. Steam and IC both having sales on everything IL2. Now's the time to buy. >S<
  13. Moostafa and I can have a lot of fun.
  14. JG51_Ogg

    Ball Turrent

    That looks fun as F
  15. JG51_Ogg


    Love me some Linus Tech. Interesting setup though.