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  1. first night 4.5

    Nice video Ogg! really makes me miss flying with you guys!
  2. Hi Guys

    Thanks a lot for the info guys, It really is much appreciated. I have confidence that I would be able to build a PC, I've just heard horror stories of people frying MBs and processors. I mostly just use my PC for gaming and streaming TV/Movies. It would be nice to be able to use fraps or something of the like as I'm playing. As I said I've just started saving money, it may be a few months before I accumulate enough money. but I'd like to try to stay under $2,000CAD, which works out to about $1,600USD. Again thanks for all the info, and taking the time to write up that long post OGG. 
  3. Hi Guys

    Hey guys, Hope everyone is doing okay. I miss flying with you guys. I'm saving money for a new PC, but I really don't know all that much, I've never built a PC. I've changed RAM, and video cards but that's about it. I've never installed a motherboard, CPU or cooling system. I was hoping for suggestions. are there any decent prebuilts out there? would I be able to handle building a PC? I'm looking for something that's going to be able to play all the new games, something that I'll be able to upgrade as needed. What price range am I looking at? I'd love to hear suggestions please.  P.S. I'm not completely uneducated when it comes to computers/hardware but I'm sure some of you guys are much more knowledgeable then I am Thanks in advance
  4. Hey Guys

    Just wanted to say I hope you all had a very merry Christmas and wish you all nothing but happiness in the new year!   S!
  5. That's friggin awesome
  6. Test

    I also would have never guessed that's what beazil looks like.. definitely was picturing older and rounder, no offense, I think it's the voice As a former goalie I take offense to this, we're not crazy, we're just a little weird lol
  7. TrackIR hat clip repair?

    Thanks for the offer Ogg, very kind. I'm going to check around this weekend, if I can't find anything I will most definitely take you up on your offer. Thank you very much
  8. TrackIR hat clip repair?

    Has anyones reflectors on their hat clips become dull and non reflective? Over time the reflective strips on my hat clip have worn out and become less and less reflective. I'm looking for a way I can fix this.. a while back I used the reflective strips from an old safety vest. I cut them into small rectangles and used double sided tape to stick them to the hat clip, however I've moved since then and I (stupidly) tossed the old vest with the reflective material. Any ideas on how I can make my hat clip more reflective again? I've searched my local walmart for reflective tape, but they only had red reflective tape and I'm not sure if that would work.. The only other thing I saw was another safety vest, but I didn't really want to pay $9.99 for something I'm just going to destroy.
  9. A Duel with ATAG_Dave

    great fight!
  10. S!

    If any of you guys see me on Steam and you wanna fly feel free to message me. If I'm at the computer I will more then likely jump in game with you
  11. S!

    Hi guys,    I recently had to do a fresh install of Windows on my PC. Today I decided to give CloD another go.. I was able to get on the dogfight server and actually fight with an enemy without my game crashing!   I'm rusty as hell, but hoping to catch you guys online soon S!