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  1. Yo

  2. happy to know you're still around man
  3. not flying much lately

    it's all good C5, your health is more important than the sim
  4. not flying much lately

    it's alright, been having a weird few months myself. 
  5. My absence of late

    Hope to see you soon man, that crap doesn't sound pleasant. Make sure to take it easy!
  6. man I wish i could tag along
  7. HEYO

    hope to fly with you again soon wonderbread!!
  8. New Comer

  9. i wonder if theres a way for me to use something like this to fix my graphics so the gunsight will finally turn on and the planes don't look like they're made of paper for me
  10. Nightfight with Old Crow

    Half of this fight was recorded, about a minute or two before the recording I got quite a few cannon rounds into crow but they all went into the back of the plane and *i believe* his wing, did minor damage. One hell of a fight though! Mystico put this together for me thankfully.
  11. DCS Normandy map

    Alright, I've come to my conclusion and I think it is worth it. The online play is so much better than the caucasus map, theres more room to fight and generally from what ive experienced most people are actually climbing to 5k and up. I've also heard they fixed the spotting system a little bit but I don't see much of a difference but then again i never had any problems with spotting aircraft personally. The map is also pretty familiar when you get into the air since its sort of like a larger map of cliffs of dover more fixated on the area past selsey point to the west, you CAN also fly up to french point and dover though you might not run into many people there. However, there are about two problems. 1 is that it is a pain in the ass to download (especially if you do not have dcs 2.0 and only have the steam version). 2 is that it's not very optimized though it is in beta so that can't be the case forever, it just has very slow fps for me below 2/3k but past that it's playable. you may not have the same problem as me due to me using a laptop but just be warned. I say if you have the money and the time to set it up it definitely get it, just make sure you get the assets pack with it.
  12. I am currently downloading the DCS Normandy map (including the ground attack stuff that came in the bundle) I'll update you all on my experience and see if its worth it for the most part.
  13. Ne Member

    hey!! welcome to geschwader racha!
  14. DCS

    harrier was a favorite plane of mine when i was little so i think i'll wait till it comes out to get that and or the F18! i've got the f15, Su27, and the Bf109k4 so far.