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  1. reminds me of rally race dashcams, really fuckin cool
  2. BoS Identification Silhouettes!

    Nah that's gotta be Blenheim 

    I'd say option 2 though i'm probably wasting my hope for them to attempt to optimize it a little bit.
  4. My absence of late

    Shit, i'm so sorry this garbage is happening. I seriously hope stuff gets better for you even if it doesn't look like it. Take your time as much as you need to, aight? 
  5. Now I've been banned from TS

    It really feels like they're attempting to destroy their own community. You can't reason with them, they're like some sort of elitist clique at this point. They only give a damn about themselves. This update has been an absolute fucking nightmare
  6. Welcome ZG26_dobratz

  7. Alright so to go more in depth to why I haven't been active (and to explain to those who haven't heard) the update for 4.5 removed the ability to disable shadows.  The problem with this is that because of cockpit shadows it lowers my fps down to 10 fps and below, when it originally would be fine and stay at around 30 fps and above. This is a problem for laptops, and I've voiced my problem on the ATAG forum multiple times (as well as many others who are also unfortunately using laptops) and TF has either remained quiet and ignored the fact that it's happening, tell you it's something else when it isn't, or will just tell you to buy a better computer which isn't all that easy for some.  (for example: https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=27266 ) So for the time being, I will only be able to do DCS and BOS until I can upgrade my laptop or build a desktop. If you can, please help out to make sure this stuff doesn't go unnoticed and pushed over the rug because It's so damn frustrating to see that i can make the game's graphics be polygons but the shadows will still be there destroying my FPS.  Hope to see you guys in the sky's soon.
  8. Yo

  9. And now....The rest of the story

    happy to know you're still around man
  10. not flying much lately

    it's all good C5, your health is more important than the sim
  11. not flying much lately

    it's alright, been having a weird few months myself. 
  12. My absence of late

    Hope to see you soon man, that crap doesn't sound pleasant. Make sure to take it easy!
  13. To all my Brothers in and Near Michigan

    man I wish i could tag along
  14. HEYO

    hope to fly with you again soon wonderbread!!
  15. New Comer