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    • BlackC5

      Alternate squad night   08/06/2018

      We will be adding an alternate squad night of Saturdays @ 9:30 eastern, we may be flying BOS or CloD join up on the ATAG TS server @ the JG51 channel to find out which. the normal Sunday night squad night will still in effect for those who want to join.


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  1. Post Scriptum

    New WW2 game I thought I would share. From the creators of Squad. Looks really promising! http://postscriptumgame.com/  
  2. Hanging up my H.O.T.A.S.

    Ogg,   Was always a pleasure to fly with you and I wish you nothing but the best. I wish I would have seen this earlier I would've gotten the joystick out of storage.      S! David625    
  3. New FM

    Not sure if anyone is interested but they're actually working on the flight model of the 109 in WWIIOL. http://www.battlegroundeurope.com/index.php/component/content/article/17-development-notes/16308-flight-model-reviews-are-now-underway    
  4. deer season is here

    Ogg, that is one big bodied buck!!! Love that doe picture too lol
  5. deer season is here

    Sorry for the bad quality but we took pictures with the phone instead of saving them to our computer.
  6. deer season is here

    Good luck guys! I'll post some game camera pictures tomorrow of some of the deer showing up on our land. Bow season is in here but I'm waiting patiently for gun season that starts in a few weeks. 
  7. Storm of War 4.0

    I'm in!
  8. SoW 4.0 Announcement

    Hoping to be back in the air this weekend! My new GTX 960 comes in Friday!
  9. S! JG51

    Hey guys,   Hope all of you are well! The new forums are great! Just wanted to give a quick update on me and also check to see how you all are doing. I'm getting ready to start my final semester of college before graduation in December, better late than never right? I recently got engaged to my girlfriend of 6 years, moved to a new place, and i'm in the market for a new job as well so I'm still busy as all get out! The fishing season is over so I do have more free time than I did, however, my gaming rig crapped out on me so I'm running an older pc at the moment. I'm only able to play older games on this rig. I'm pretty sure WWIIOL would push this PC to its limit lol. Hopefully when I get my new job and some spare time I'll be able to fix my gaming rig and be back in the sky. I miss flying with you all. It could be a little while but I do plan to return and get back in the action with my brothers from JG51!   S! David625    
  10. Interesting!

    S! guys,   T, like the new forums! Thought I would pop in and say hello and see how everything was going! Hope all is well. I'm still grinding it out in college trying to get my degree, one more semester to go until graduation. Ya'll will be seeing a lot more of me once I graduate! I was cruising the internet and ran across some news I thought I would share as well. WWIIOL is having a welcome back event, from what I read all accounts will be reactivated for it. If you are interested this starts in 14 hours from now. If I have the time I may hop back in just to see what they have done.