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  1. My absence of late

    Sorry to hear the problems Sir_Racha. It's not easy knowing you're going to be losing a parent and it just really sucks when it happens.  I watched my mother pass away from Myoleptic Leukemia.  Spent 10 months going through radiation, chemo, and bone marrow transplant then the cancer was back with a vengeance and in 2 weeks she was dead.  Like I said it sucks.  That was in 2001 and I still miss talking with her.   As for the substance abuse I have done just about every drug known to man on the planet.  I have an old adage you might like.  "I quit using drugs because I never found one I didn't like".  I've got scars from burning a needle in my elbow,  I've damaged my sinuses with some very raw Columbia snow, I've been known to enjoy crystal from time to time, mescaline, and Acid, along with making my own crack in the microwave, and growing my own strain of sativa on my Great Grandfather's farm.  The problem I have now is pain killers don't kill pain and I've ground my teeth to the breaking point.  Yeah I could OD on Oxycontin and still not feel a change. So yeah I know where you are kiddo and I wish you the best with your recovery.  It's not easy but it's your choice.  One helpful thing to consider, tell the folks your going camping and go learn about nature.  That's my thing now.  Learn how to survive with nothing but a water filter and a few trinkets in the woods for a week.  Then after the week you'll say F that was hard, but you'll want to do it again and again. we'll see you in the virtual sky soon enough. >S<
  2. After writing new scripts for some of the JU88s missions I'm quite satisfied with the results of the 9 ship triple Vic Formation.  The top gunner is OK, the nose gunner is OK, the belly gunner is pretty deadly when you're slower, The bombardier is accurate to where I placed the bomb load drop area target, and the pilots stayed on course until they were draining coolant from both engines or oil from either engine as you'll see.  I think I'll be writing just single pass raids like these until we gain a further following on the Warbirds Server. Enjoy.  
  3. Now I've been banned from TS

    Wonder, I didn't have a problem with them either until I went against the grain and rubbed them the wrong way.  I got banned from the forums because I was trying to get answers from TeamFusion members on the forums.  The ATAG guys came after me telling me I should not question TF about the problems. In my last post I more or less said "what are you gonna do ban me for asking questions about shades?" and they did. Black Knight worked every day to fix the Warbirds server side issues to remove the lag spikes and rubber banding issues.  We had it reduced where it was playable and I went to the TS and said we needed some help testing the server and had about 4 regular players come over along with all the ATAG and TeamFusion players that were on TS when we were testing.  Our test was successful when we were at 100 aircraft in proximity.  Adding more AI started to show the lag problem again. There was a large propagation of players to the Warbirds server.  A week later TeamFusion gave ATAG a server file based on what Black Knight had started and with their touches added into the mix.  ATAG put up their own test server and came to our TS and into our server and asked us to come test the latest TF patch.  The patch was a success and they changed their server files immediately to play on the STEAM servers.  TF 3 days later sent me an Email asking if we would like the BETA server files to put up on our servers.  I said to send them and I would get them to the Admin.  I have the files and sent them to BK and he checked them and loaded them into our server files also.  Mind you that Warbirds and ATAG were the only servers to get the updated playable files. Even with having the completed server files warbirds was running a good competition against the ATAG server.  People liked the Warbirds server because of the customization skins, an objective to the fight that lasted beyond the 4 hour map laid out, and never being too outclassed by the enemy fighters.  My case in point, when was the last time operation DYNAMO was played on the ATAG server?  Now it seems every other map is New Dawn Fades which is a twitch gangbang of players with insta action on the deck turn and burn. On Monday night I was playing on ATAG server and using the ATAG TS AXIS channel for comms,  After having been in it on and off throughout the day I went to the Allied Channel and it had a couple of ATAG guys on there and I was talking with ATAG_Lewis about a particular fight we had had.  When I was getting ready to leave I said to him it seems like you're servers are becoming more Warbirds like with the skins, no RR, the radar calls, and you got rid of maps like Dynamo and got more fighting maps running.  He said yeah dynamo was a map killer. we laughed and away I went. I went to log into the ATAG server to work on my hurricane skills Wednesday and this was what I had gotten.  You're banned for taking away players on our TS server.  Never mind that they have done, on our game server and TeamSpeak server, the same in the past also.  They have not been banned from our servers. If you play on ATAG servers every day and don't come play with us, your squad mates, when we are on the Warbirds server then why be a member of this squad?  Why not apply for status within the ATAG community?  Soon enough we will have the bugs worked out on the Warbirds server and it will be a better server even with the enhancement of AI that you don't like.  And as for the AI what is it you don't like?  Have you been flying against them in the last week?  If you think they're just target drones then you're mistaken.  If they kick your ass then you need to work on your fighting skills because they have been raised to a good fighting level.  Learning to be a part of a team, fighting as a team, which is what we do best. So I guess the question is do you want to be a part of this squad or do you want to play only with the ATAG guys?  This squad is not going to be a Warbirds server only squad but it is going to run squad night operations on the Warbirds servers.  If you can't or won't fly on the server with us then why be one of us?  That's my question.  It's a question you need to ask yourself. If you're not going to fly with us let us know and we will have you moved to inactive status. You will always be welcomed here with the squad no matter your resolve.
  4. No not ours at Warbirds of Prey.  Over at the ATAG server they banned me from their forums and now from their TS server.  Why the Fuck would they do that Ogg you ask?  Straight from the TS server message bar "You are banned permanently. Reason: "JG51_Ogg  attempting to draw players off ATAG Server to his own."".  What a bunch of bitches.  I asked some player to come help us test the server over 2 weeks ago and now I'm banned from it?   So in my own Ogg like way I sent them an Email and told them go fuck themselves and that I would like to see them ban everyone that is not ATAG because they have free will and see them go play alone with them and their 13 friends.     Fuck them assholes.  I'm about to make a server name that is "PROPER SERVER NOT ATAG" server and leave it up and running from my old computer.  Just so when they come in they see it every time they log in to steam.
  5. Sundays if you can

    >S< If anyone wants to get in a little early The Warbirds European fliers are on at 4:00 Eastern (9:00 GMT if you will).  It's fun and most of them fly Allied rides so there is some good action to be had early.  This also works for BlackShark and Dobratz who are flying out of the UK. If not then that's OK too.  We will still be operating our normal squad night at 8:00 Eastern also.   We'll see you on Sundays. Now get out of my office and go kill stuff. >S<
  6. can't get 4.5 to work

    Well since I've been banned from the ATAG server for voicing an opinion I guess I'll be nice and post an announcement here. For those that want to fly a game that does not stutter Warbirds of Prey will be hosting 2 servers. 1 Server running TF 4.312 MOD and one server running TF 4.5. We will be running both servers until there is a viable fix for 4.5 for everyone. We would like to let everyone know we would like to test the servers and would like to have as many people who wish to run 4.312 MOD to run your 4.312 and come to the Warbirds of Prey server Sunday night beginning at 4:00PM EST (9:00PM GMT)
  7. Just got done with a nice little rant on the ATAG forums
    Let's see if I gt banned from them.

    In response to the 56K modem thread

    Did this........No change.
    It's lagging because of the amount of tracking objects in the arena.
    The more players and targets on, the bigger the rubber band/lag there is.
    Tested hypothesis on Warbirds of prey server (You know the one we had tested at 200 people with version 4.312 and had no lag issues) and with 5 of us in the server flying a victory formation at 3K with skins there was no lag. We hit the AI bomber raid that sent 27 Ju 87s to Dover docks and as soon as they were spawned we started rubber-banding/lagging About the space of a full Bf109. When the Ju87s appeared we got lags of 6 to 100 meters depending on the distance from other aircraft. The closer you get the wider the rubber-band.

    After resetting the server we sent a bomber mission of 54 HE111s to bomb Manston Airfield. As soon as they spawned the rubber-banding was noticeable with about a 5-10 aircraft length bouncing made. Closer in to the HE111s they began flying backwards and upside down, went from a formation to what I can only describe as a fireworks explosion of directions. When you fly away from them they magically reform and flew in formation once you were beyond zoom to identify range. When they arrived at their drop bombs area there again was noticeable lag spikes and rubber-banding until the bombs landed and exploded on the ground.

    This is not a USB problem! This is not a networking problem! 56K please! I've been beyond 56K since I left AOL pay for play in 2001 and even then the lag wasn't this bad. The difference between this and the release of WWiiOL was they knew it was crap when they released it and they told us it was not a finished product. They told us their netcode was new and experimental. It was shit. They knew it and they tried to build a new netcode based on the one they had. Thaqt netcode and the original netcode of Cliffs are both shit netcodes. You fixed it right the first time. You fixed this piece of crap once already and you trusted a corporate sponsorship because now they'll pay you and they "Gave you the good code". They gave you the old crap code.

    Sorry if the truth hurts but everyone is going back to your 4.312 work because it was good enough. When you figure out how to put what you put into 4.312 and add a few buttons and whistles then it may be tried again. But telling people "Oh, you need to unload the amount of USB ports", "Oh, You need to drop the LAN speed to 56K" (Hell why not 3200 baud), is doing nothing for a community that I'm sure positively would have paid you to update the real 4.312 to a working 4.5 to a working 5.0.

    I would have paid you for this 4.5 personally if it had worked as it was advertised. You guys need a $20.00 donation from the community to keep going to the next one. That would have been fine, had it worked. You want an extra $20.00 to finish 5.0 No problem if it worked. Yes you're not paid to do it and you fixed their shit out of the love for the game. Now you've just become them.

    My opinion, My rage.
    Rant finished

  8. WARNING:  VERY BAD LANGUAGE That was your only warning.  
  9. Version 4.5 get the info here

    You won't blow up per se, but you will cause damage to the engine rapidly from over revving the engine.  You want to keep the manifold pressure below 1.2 at all times unless you are in combat.  The preferred AtA is 1.05 2200 RPM cruise for continuous flight , The Combat AtA is 1.2 with RPM below 2400 for 5 minutes, and an Emergency power setting of 1.31 AtA and 2600 RPM for less than one minute. Your Engine temps matter too.  50C before you roll to the runway 80C before you ally full power for the water. 40C and 70C for the oil temps.  In cruise your oil should be kept around 90-92C and coolant from 88-92C If you need to run close the radiators and fly only by gauges with no temp above 95C for more than 30 Seconds
  10. Optimization of power

    I only put mine in neutral when I've been flying for a while (more than 5 minutes).  If you notice your plane is losing airspeed then move them to the raised position.  The only thing I have noticed is I can fly longer if it's in neutral by about 5 minutes on a full tank of fuel.  Going over London I end up with around 60L when I get back and others are at 40-50L when they get back.  I'm not sure if they did an added HP drop-off because of the pressure against the Hydraulic and electrical systems have them opened and pressurized.   But if you get hit in the underside during a dogfight and you notice the drag from one wheel or the other send them back into the raise position to keep the Yaw straight.
  11. Version 4.5 get the info here

    A few more things you'll need to know. When re setting the plane skins which will be necessary for all airframes. Type: Fighter Regiment: ii. Jagdgeschwader 51 Squadron: 5./ Paintscheme: custom preference Tail number: reset your tail number     For the Jabo dogs Reset the bomb rack to this exact rack or you won't be carrying a bomb Bombrack : ETC-500 IXb bombrack + GP Bomb, SC250 Type 1 Body Type J Under the bomb tab GP Bomb SC250, Type 1, Body Type J Set bomb for C50 (25) Low Level Automatic Dive fuse Delay of 14.  Charging delay of 0.08 delay
  12. 4.5 with Spudnick

    If this isn't up to 1080 yet try in a minute.  
  13. Version 4.5 get the info here

    OK while the last 4 hours are fresh in my mind. 1) Not sure about the Merlin altitude fix but I was able to work over a Spitfire at 7.5 getting them to stall quite often when I have my 5 seconds of flaps (one full rotation of the flap wheel)  With the help of Spudnick as a distraction I was able to hang in a fight with 6-4 and Blackknight and score kills on both turning and burning in the E4 Vs Spit 1a and Hurricane NF.  Don't be so keen to turn with them though as I needed all my skill and Spudnick rolling in and out of the Luftberry. 2) The E3b is a spectacular beast with the 250Kg bomb skip bombing an oil tanker.  Spectacular explosions when the ship detonated broke in half and sank within 2 minutes of the attack. When the bomb releases there is an audible thump of the bolts breaking and a lifting of your aircraft.  You'll know when it's gone. 3) The grass runways are exactly that, grass runways.  They are bumpy as hell when you start to move and even when you get to the lifting point.  The 109 want's to nose over, bounce, and generally behave badly until you have the gear up and are at 200Km/H. 4) You will have to reset everything......and I do mean everything.  There are no carryover keybindings, there are no carryover skins, there are no carryover plane setups, No carryover anything.  It's going to take time to do it. 5) You will not survive a collision with a tree.  It will first knock off your wing then it's friends will take off your tail and engine sections until you're a burning heap of twisted metal along the way. 6) The new sounds are (IMHO) awesome and worth the wait.  When hit with the DeWilde round you will hear it burning in the fuselage.  Sounds like a can of soda with PopRocks in it.  The AI flak can be heard as it explodes around you and when one rips holes in the wings. 7) the new towns are nice and easy to identify at a distance and as stated in Teetwo post the Bass Ponds are gone from near Brias. 8) the Cloud ceiling has been changed.  Clouds are no longer capped at a certain altitude.  Some clouds top out at 2000M while others are up to 6.7K in the same area.   Server side and squad news  I've been working with Blackknight on the issues of AI bomber raids exploding when they spawn.  I think he's got the situation fixed. We'll do more testing tomorrow. The path to the new software is easy peasy to put your skins where they belong.  I'd like to see everyone in their squad skins next Sunday if you're going to be there. Good luck with the upgrades and please follow directions from earlier posts.  It will be a smoother launch for you. >S<
  14. Version 4.5 get the info here

    DON'T EXPECT TO DO THIS QUICKLY Rename the 1CSoft folder 1CsoftOld and change your desktop Icon to read Cliffs 4.312 After you've done that go to Steam and Download the full installer from your Steam library. Once you do that then run the installer from Steam and load up with a new Desktop Icon and new Start menu tag. The new Icon for your desktop will read Cliffs of Dover Blitz. This allows you to play either version depending on the server you want to join. Warbirds of Prey and ATAG AvA both are running 4.5 Blitz but dogfighter is running 4.312 Launch the game with the Blitz Icon and re-keymap your entire flight setup because nothing is working from either way you attempt it. Once you have rekeymapped you'll find a few things are different. First takeoffs are a bit bumpy on grass fields (don't know about landing Played Kamikaze with trees and Flak) Second Oil cooler slide is reversed it pulls back to open now (Burned up two engines before I figured it out). Will have to check bomb detonation as I armed and dropped a 250 there was no explosion where it hit. (Yes it dropped there is an audible chunk and the plane now gives a bit of a bounce when it releases). Finally the custom skins have to be reloaded in the correct file folder.  TF made it easier this time.  Simply hit Documents>1CsoftClub>IL2 Cliffs of Dover>PaintSchemes>skins drop the JG51 skins files here in the 109s and 110 files if you fly the 110 and you are done And you'll need to rearm you birds as well as paint them and skin them.     I'm off to eat dinner but will report more when I get it done.