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  1.  raw footage using the Nvidia recorder for Cliffs of Dover 12.1G for 36 minutes.  This was a test an I have not gone through the settings.  
  2. Film from last night

    Nice......editing.......so we just look like poor marksman.  When reality was much, much worse.  Ummm I think a few pilots needed a tube of KY by the time we got through with them.
  3. Now that's a good wife.
  4. Interesting, Now when are you getting your ass in the air?  Tell the damn cable company Ogg needs more protectorates.  
  5. >S<  AAR report from Oberst Ogg All in all a good night for JG51 HappyBudda and Teetwo flew high cover for Snapshot and myself. As hunters Snapshot and I made it a successful night claiming victories over 6.22 Enemy Aircraft of which 5 were the dreaded Spitfire Mk2a and one Spitfire Mk1a (100oct).  The only loss was during the last mission when I was hit by 3 enemy Bofors and a stray bullet from Mr_Steven.  I took my bird as far out to sea as I could but was still captured by enemy ASR. As high cover Teetwo and HappyBudda claimed spoiler to 3.57 enemy Spitfire Mk2a with no other type of air-frames flow into the fight.  However it was not without cost as Huaptmann Teetwo put the propeller of his 109E4/b in the water subsequently causing his Governor to fail. The Map was Bologne and the patrol are we covered was from mid channel to English Point with the majority of the enemy aircraft lifting from Lympne Airfield. Our claimed victories were combined 9.79 with no death, but we did lose 2 aircraft. If you missed the action you really missed the fun and camaraderie of the night.  During the non action parts of the flights there was chat of Fly fishing on the Danube (really in Arizona), and the fascinating world  of TrackIR issues making us unable to shoot straight.   End Report >S<
  6. Antishipping

    That was fun
  7. Just me and what engine management can do in a fight to turn it from bad to good.  Final Solo fight is 109-E4/b Vs. Spitfire Mk2a.    
  8. Just an excerpt from a mission in London Ruft
  9. good news

    nice recovery.
  10. Oct 2nd - 9th

    Holy Crap!!  for as bad as our gunnery is we do pretty damn good.  I think we ended up with 14 kills against 2 Deaths and one of those was self termination. You should have put a bad language warning for me.  Damn didn't realize I cuss that much.
  11. Hi Guys

    Not sure if you can use it where you are but this is newegg's promo for October. Build your own 3 choices of budgets.  I laughed at the second on...liquid cooler for the processor.  I prefer not to rely on extra pumps and gadgetry but some swear by it.  But the nice thing is here you can get an idea of what kinds of builds you can do.  I would suggest an Intel processor build over an AMD and again it's just a preference of mine.  I'm not saying to get one of these but it's not a bad start for a new builder and you get a how to video support and phone support for the build.   Again C5 is probably the best at getting a great deal on the needed parts so I defer to him. The first one fits under your budget and should run what you plan on throwing at it, and it doesn't break the bank. The second is slightly over your budget but probably still close enough to grab it. The third is a dream machine and it is definitely out of the budget but it's a top of the line build.  one of those run it til it blows builds. http://promotions.newegg.com/nepro/17-6738/index.html?utm_medium=Email&utm_source=GD101117&cm_mmc=EMC-GD101117-_-EMC-101117-Index-_-MECH-_-PCBuildKitsBanner-EB4&et_cid=38643&et_rid=14414392&et_p1=&email64=b2dnYmcyNkB5YWhvby5jb20=
  12. Hi Guys

    How to build a computer.  Locate the case....Locate the mother board......put 9 posts in the case that correspond with the motherboard instructions.....install 9 screws through the motherboard to secure it to the case on the posts you just installed..... Locate processor.....open  the processor latch and install the processor and re-close the the processor latch....install the processor fan......plug the fan into the motherboard where it says "processor fan switch"....Locate your RAM......install your RAM in the proper coordinating slots for the type you bought (dual or triple will depend on the slots they go into) Find your video card......Install your video card (cards if you're planning on running SLi)......Find your power supply......install your power supply in the correct part of the case (do not plug it in yet).....locate you new hard drive(s) or SSD and locate them in an internal bay.....connect the SaTA cables from the HDD and SSD to the Mother board Sata connectors (plugging you new OS drive into SATA 1 slot. and any secondary drives into 2-??).....knock out one of the drive bay slots on the case.......Locate your DVD player/Burner.....install your DVD all in one player in the slot and attach to the SATA slot next in line......now using the power cables and the instructions that came with the power supply route the power cables to each of the components you just put into the case....Don't plug it into the wall....check and make sure no cables are run tight to any part of the case.......plug in your mouse and keyboard......find your Windows 10 disc.......Plug it into the wall......Hit the power button.....when it starts to boot up hit the del key repeatedly until it freaks out and sends you to the bios screen.....You just want to peek at the settings and make sure it sees all the plugged in drives......when you get more comfortable we'll talk about overclocking and bios manipulations but for now just make sure everything is seen......take the Windows 10 disc out of the sleeve it comes in......(getting excited yet??).....let it run beyond the boot screen (The Motherboard will now see that there is no OS and it will tell you so)......Now you open the DVD player......You insert the Windows 10 disc......You close the DVD player.......Whirrrrrrrrrrrrr Fizzzzzz.....Bang   Good Morning Dave My name is HAL 2000.   It's really easier even than this looks but yeah you get the idea.
  13. Hi Guys

    BB, What kind of budget are you looking at? Of course I can't just say go to newegg and build a new system without knowing what, besides the game, you're planning to do on this machine. But that's where I'd start. When I built my machine I'm on right now it cost me $2652.33. My budget was getting killed every time I looked into building one. Finally I said Jesus H Christ Ogg get it together and buy in parts. My suggestion is a cheapy 7 series Nvidia card, to fix the current situation if your budget is low. Then the way I purchased my components was in the following order. Look at the room you have to place it where it's going to be when you finish building it and begin to play games on it. Measure it. Height, width, and depth. Then go and find a tower that fills in but not too tightly. you want airflow around it once it's finished being built. Purchase the tower. Here's a cheapy that fits our needs right now Rosewill - ATX Full Tower Gaming Computer Case - Supports Up to E-ATX MBs, Dual PSUs, and Up to 7 Fans - Rise coming in at $80.00 After the tower look into a Motherboard that meets the processor requirement you want to have when you've completed the project. Do you want and have the budget for an Intel Core i9-7940X Skylake X 14-Core 3.1 GHz LGA 2066 165W BX80673I97940X Desktop Processor for $1400.00 or do you need to tone it down to a modest Intel Core i5-7400 Kaby Lake Quad-Core 3.0 GHz LGA 1151 65W BX80677I57400 Desktop Processor for $190.00 Figure that out then look into you Mother Board options. Modesty mouse MB could be the following ASUS Z170-K LGA 1151 Intel Z170 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.1 USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard coming in at $70.00 Order your mother board and set a price drop watch for the processor. Next purchase the RAM. I have my preferences and others have theirs but I'm going with mine here so pttttt. You should have a minimum of 16 just because everyone needs more RAM!! G.SKILL Aegis 16GB 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 2133 (PC4 17000) Intel Z170 Platform / Intel X99 Platform Desktop Memory Model F4-2133C15S-16GIS will cost $149.00 But I prefer something with some cooling on it so I'd run up the RAM to a G.SKILL Ripjaws V Series 32GB (2 x 16GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 2133 (PC4 17000) Intel Z170 Platform / Intel X99 Platform Desktop Memory Model F4-2133C15D-32GVR for $300.00 Why?? Because we all need more RAM!!! Now you have an ATX Mother Board, Tower, and RAM and doing it on the cheap we've spent $299.00 Now we need media readers and here's where it gets fun. As far as add-on media players I would suggest (since our cheapy tower only has 2 slots for them) a DVD player/Burner and a card reader/USB hub.  For the BluRay player/Burner/everything LG Electronics 14x SATA Blu-ray Internal Rewriter without Software, Black Model WH14NS40 - OEM Kind of funny it's the one I have at $55.00 For an add-on hub and again I own one of these Rosewill RDCR-11004 - Data Hub for 5.25" Drive Bays - Two USB 3.0 Ports and Main Connector, Four USB 2.0 Ports, eSATA, Internal Multiple Card Reader for $28.00 And why do we want the add-on USB hub and card readers.....We NEED THEM!! While purchasing things in this order you can also start building your new pride and joy by installing the components as you get them. What's our price so far? $382.00 And you getting closer to completion. Start looking at Graphics cards but remember to read your tower instructions for size (length of card) you can have. In our tower 380 mm is the max length.  Personally and for other reasons for the Cliffs of Dover game you really want to stay away from the radeon stuff. It breaks my heart to say that because I used to be "RADEON GUY" and thought it never did bad. So lets see what we can do in the graphics arena.  GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 1050 Ti DirectX 12 GV-N105TD5-4GD 4GB 128-Bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 x16 ATX Video Cards comes in at $150.00 and is a really decent card that should be able to run anything you throw at it. Now we are at $532.00 and we are getting close to finalizing this cheapy beast build. Now unless you want to be like me and go overboard on the power supply here's one that fits the completed bill with a +20% overage on power. RAIDMAX RX-700AT 700W 80 PLUS TITANIUM Certified Modular Power Supplies coming in at $140.00 What does that leave us? Simply an OS, Storage, and the processor and our budget so far has cost us $672.00 OS Windows 10 Home - 64-bit - OEM is $100.00 cost now at $772.00 Storage I would suggest a small SSD drive for you OS and a 2 TB for storage of other incidentals Here's a combo kit from Newegg on sale WD Black 2TB Performance Desktop Hard Disk Drive - 7200 RPM SATA 6Gb/s 64MB Cache 3.5 Inch - WD2003FZEX, WD Black 256GB Performance SSD - M.2 2280 PCIe NVMe Solid State Drive - WDS256G1X0C coming in at $220.00 Now we are at $992.00 and all we need is that processor we started looking at. If it hasn't gone on sale and you were ready to buy it then here is your new processor. It will run what you need it for and should be reliable for the near and down the road future. Intel Core i5-7400 Kaby Lake Quad-Core 3.0 GHz LGA 1151 65W BX80677I57400 Desktop Processor for $190.00 All told $1182.00 and some assembly time and.....well it's a damn fine budget flier.     It may run somewhere around 100FPS in Cliffs when you're log jammed but it won't look like WoW Lee Roy Jenkins  And the best part is it's an easy updater in the future.  And Like C5 said we really need to know what you're going to use it for and how much you really want to spend right away.  And I know C5 can probably build this system for a few bucks cheaper through his sites but I did mine straight through Newegg. EDIT: And you've installed Ram and a video card????......yeah you just built a computer dude.   Oh and if you want it to ROCK!!  Spend the 1400.00 and get the I9-7940 Extreme I really want to see what a 14 core processor can do. 
  14. one for those that YouTube believes worthy of Music and on for those that are not worthy.