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  1. Pedals fixed and ready to fly

    Copy that, I'll try to get on before then so I can knock some of the rust off. I'll look for you tomorrow night.
  2. I finally fixed my pedals. Has anyone been flying lately? I checked the servers and there was barely anyone on any of the servers. I may check the BoX servers this weekend also.
  3. so who is flying?

    I'm hoping to get on soon. My pedals died a while ago and I've been too busy to install the new components that are sitting on my desk... but I'm going to try and get them sorted out this weekend.
  4. BoS Identification Silhouettes!

    You're all wrong...it's clearly a B-52
  5. I have the same HOTAS and pedals. Show me your ways!
  6. Movak37

    No worries, I gave up soon after. The "jumping" planes were driving me crazy. S!
  7. ZG26 skins

    I might learn how to fly the 110 solely because of the shark mouth...
  8. Friday night flight

    I'll probably be on. You thinking ATAG or Warbirds of Prey?
  9. Checkit

    Where did you get that throttle from?
  10. October Summery for the ATAG server

    Half of Viper's kills probably come from him clearing my 6 after I did something stupid. Thanks, man!
  11. MFG Crosswinds Issues

    I love them. - Absolutely no friction/stuttering - Built like a tank - Once you attach the actual foot pedals to the base it's plug 'n play - You can fully fine tune anything you want like deflection resistance, pedal angles plus the software is very thorough I would say they definitely need to be mounted down because the center is pretty narrow and you'll end up pushing the pedal into the ground whenever you are near full rudder. Also, I have the Volairsim cockpit and the pedals only fit if I have them at the very bottom of the footboard because the pedals are quite wide (even with the width adjust plates).   
  12. MFG Crosswinds Issues

    S! All, Just a heads up if anyone is having the same stress-inducing experience: My MFG Crosswind pedals stopped working outright the other day unexpectedly. After emailing the company I found out they had a batch (S/N 4500-4582) that had some issues with the electronic components. He is sending replacement parts out and I should be back up shortly.
  13. Hi Everyone, I recently built a new rig and would like to sell my old components. Everything is already mounted/installed except for the power supply & 8gb RAM, so I'd prefer to sell everything as one unit but I am fine with individual components as well.  Additionally, I have a Thrustmaster T.16000M HOTAS and T.Flight pedals for sale, they came in one box as a pack but are available separately. http://www.thrustmaster.com/en_UK/products/t16000m-fcs-flight-pack Below are the prices I found when I checked quickly but am more than willing to negotiate. More info/pictures are available. CPU: Intel i5-4690k -- ~$170 CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper Series (Air Cooler) -- ~$25 Motherboard: Gigabyte Z97x-SLI (rev 1.0 or rev 1.1) -- ~$50 RAM: 16gb DDR3 (Speed: 2133mhz or 2400mhz, I think) -- ~$80             8gb DDR3 (Speed: 2133mhz or 2400mhz, I think) -- ~$40 Case: Thermaltake V3 w/ 3-4 fans -- ~ $30 Power Supply: Corsair 550w-650w -- ~$40 OS: Unopened Windows 10 Home USB -- ~$100 HOTAS and Pedals Flight Pack -- ~$120 
  14. movak37

    Hi All! I'm looking forward to the chance to fly with you all and definitely learn a thing or ten!  P.S. I was able to change my steam name so now everything is under movak37.