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    • BlackC5

      Alternate squad night   08/06/2018

      We will be adding an alternate squad night of Saturdays @ 9:30 eastern, we may be flying BOS or CloD join up on the ATAG TS server @ the JG51 channel to find out which. the normal Sunday night squad night will still in effect for those who want to join.


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  1. Flying tonight 5-27-18

    Hi all, I will be flying for about 2 hours tonight if anyone is around. Not sure about Memorial Day itself, maybe a little in the afternoon. Snap
  2. Hanging up my H.O.T.A.S.

    Sorry to see you go Ogg. Life's priorities change from time to time. I remember the days where I would get home, eat, take a shower then fly all night. Now that I have a little one and a wife that has all changed. I wouldn't have it any other way. Sure, there are times that I wish I could just zone out and fly but I feel like I would be missing time with the little girl or depriving my wife of attention that she needs. You certainly need to take care of yourself, and take time for those who love to spend their time with you.  I am not sure that I can be on to see you off on the 18th, my wife's parents are coming in to visit.  Best wishes, good luck and clear skies my friend...
  3. To my Texas Coastal comrades

    I'm glad to hear you are ok C5! I feel terrible for all the people who are affected by this. We had one employee who lost everything, roof was damaged and the water did the rest. Let me know if you need anything, we are safe and sound in Beeville. We left before the storm hit and headed to my parents in Temple. The house was built to hurricane code so no damage when we got back. The only thing that happened was all Spectrum services have been down and are now back online. Fuel is getting to be a hit or miss thing down here with all the people moving back and forth to the rescue/recovery area.
  4. My absence of late

    Sorry to hear that Ogg. I hope and pray for a quick recovery. I know about the issues with CPAP, my brother used one and was constantly cleaning it. We hope to have you back with us shortly. Take care of yourself!
  5. Improved visibility distance

    I tried this adjustment, seems to work very well. I can now run at 4k resolution and actually see stuff!
  6. How is $30 for the processor plus shipping, should be a total of around $37.00?
  7. We can do Paypal if you like. I can check with the post office and see how much it will cost to ship. Will you pm me your address? I will send it to you this week.
  8. Hi all, I am putting my NVIDIA GTX 970 card up for sale. Asking $130 plus shipping.  I am also getting rid of my old setup, amd 965 black processor on a gigabyte 890gpa udh3 mobo with 8 gigs of 1333 ram, corsair 750 watt bronze ps. I think I have a NVIDIA 9600 or 550 to go with it. I just need to start it up and delete files off the hard drives. Make offer if anyone is interested. I just bought BOS (the premium pack that is on sale) so I need to get some money in the bank before my wife kills me!
  9. New Comer

    Welcome Skyfocus,  We hope you enjoy the squad. Hope to see you on Sunday at 7 central time!