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  1. Stopped by to say HI

    Thanks for the replies - will probably not be on much this week but next week should be around to try some flights. Trying to learn how to use the prop pitch to best advantage, some success some engines fried....   Duke
  2. Stopped by to say HI

    May do that - assume I need to install TeamSpeak (Falcon VFW uses Discord). Is there a TS channel you hang out on? Also server you use?   Thanks
  3. I'm Duke. Have been active in flight sims since Atari days, ex-USAF pilot was active duty for 7.5 years w 3,500+ flight hours. Airlines were not hiring as I left during fuel crunch. Went into IT. Very active in FalconBMS and belong to 72nd VFW. I'm currently serving as the Ops Officer of that VFW. I bought CLOD several years ago but could never get a feel for the flight model, then a few weeks ago I read about the Team Fusion involvement. I'd been flying BoB2 modded by the user community for my BOB fix, and also have IL-2 both DBW and BATS versions installed, and Battle of Stalingrad (which I seem to fly one quick mission at a time). Current status if retired, and loving it.