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    $25 to try it for a month. I wonder if you could run A game server with it.?
  2. Moostafa


    I saw this and thought you might be interested in it
  3. Moostafa

    Heatblur F-14

    I know this is not IL2 related and most of you don't follow DCS but, Heatblur, who is producing the next study level module for DCS (only in pre-order at this time) put out a video today that I thought was so original in its concept and so well put together that even if you're not interested in jet aircraft simulators you might still find it enjoyable. Heatblur F 14B Demonstration Video VFAT 2018 The Heatblur DCS F-14 reveal video.
  4. Moostafa


    I talked with Sir Racha or Racha as he is going by now and he is planning on joining us once again in the sky of IL2 BOX. This is good news for the squadron and if you see him on-line please make the effort to reach out to him to make sure he gets up to speed with the squadron.
  5. Moostafa


    S! JG51, Some of you might remember Bowdy from our days flying WWIIOL and he is in the process of joining us once again in the sky of IL2 BOX. I think he is still getting his equipment up and running but with any luck, we will see him alongside us once again very soon. If you see him on-line please make an effort to reach out to him and offer that JG51 support that we all needed when we were first learning IL2.
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    Congrats to Beazil

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    CQ time

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    Star Citizen

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    Star Citizen

    If you don't already know Star Citizen is free to play until the 30th of this month. You can find out all the details at this link. If you decide to give it a try when you create an account if you would please use this referral code STAR-LCNP-CR6V I would greatly appreciate it. Not only does if give me a few bonus items in the game but it also gives you an extra 5,000 UEC (the in-game money). Let me know if you already have it or get it and we can hope on together.