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  1. No Kill For You

  2. Burn Baby Burn

  3. Operation Marmalade

    Nice to see it from the enemy point of view.
  4. Soon

    I get that C5. I too stepped out with BOS and I too find I like CLOD better. the only think I like about it really is the VR part. I can't wait to Cliffs get its. As far as the people keeping you in the air. I meet Snap flying Falcon 4.0 bombing airfields. Granted that game and DCS is more of a co-op kind of thing rather than a PvP but DCS does offer that too. Having said that I too like CLOD for the PvP much better. Please understand I'm not looking to get anyone to move away from CLOD. I'm just a flight sim fan altogether and like to try them all. My favorite flight sim right now is Prepared 3Dv4. I love flying the heavies into airports with really bad weather. 
  5. Soon

    Just wanted to add it is a free game with a couple of free aircraft to fly. If you have not downloaded it and given it a try I would recommend doing so. 
  6. Soon

    Yep, it had the F-16 and the F-18. Coming from a Marine Corp family at that time it was an easy choice as to what I was going to fly.    Still not much into the air-to-air aspect of the game but I do love me some low-level attacks on airfields and factories. The close air part is pretty good as well. CH53E likes to jump in and act as a fact (Something he did in real life) and bring you in on targets.    DCS is a wonderful game and it has a lot of capability but the one major drawback for me is that it does not have a persistent world. It's set up as a sandbox environment. There are a few people that are working on making a mod for it that will allow it to become persistent but until then it's more of a novelty for me.   VR is second to none right now though and that alone keeps me flying it....well that and I love to blow shit up
  7. Soon

    S! JG51,   I know most of you like me are hardcore WWII buffs but I cut my teeth flying this aircraft with my brother back in the Falcon 3.0 days using a null modem to connect our computers so we could fly together. She holds a special place in my heart and I can't wait to get my hands on this bird.     I agree there is no kill like a gun kill and that's what draws me to the WWII flight sims but DCS has outstanding VR support and bombing with this bird is just as much fun as killing Spits for me..... I can't wait....it getting close now!!!
  8. VR Supersampling

    Thanks Buddha
  9. Hey This is Kobra i will let my dad know about this one but we are going to this one http://yankeeairmuseum.org/airshow/ for sure the Thunder over Michigan
  10. HEYO

    Nice, looking forward to flying with you.
  11. Hey Snap,   I'll take that 970 from you. Just let me know how you want the money and how much it will cost to ship. 
  12. movak37

    Welcome to the squad