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  1. My absence of late

    Life has a way of kicking one's ass from time to time that for sure. Just know that we are here for you if you need to talk, no judgment as we all have our issues. The great thing about this squad and, one that has held us together for so long is that we understand life happens.
  2. Now I've been banned from TS

    I'm all about PvP but unless we the pilots who are running the Warbirds server play on it how can we expect anyone else to? Don't get me wrong I'm not telling anyone how or where to play, just make an observation.    I do like some of the ATAG missions and their server has been a lot of fun. I don't have anything against them, I'm just looking for something a little different then what they are running. I know that right now the Warbirds server is lacking dedicated pilots but with time I think that will change.
  3. Salute,   Tomorrow, Sunday the 31 of December 2017 we are going to be stress testing the server. At or about 1900 GMT  or 2 pm Eastern Standard Time we will be launching a 108 plane bomber raid to England. We would like to get as many players on the server as we can. Please understand that this is a stress test so we are testing the limits of the server. Expect to experience lag, studders and all sorts of wrongdoings That being said this scale of a mission should be a lot of fun. We would appreciate that after the test you let us know what your experience was on the server to better help us tweak the settings.    Thanks
  4. @ C5

  5. @ C5

    Sorry, I forgot to post this for you. https://virpil.by/en/
  6. Welcome ZG26_dobratz

  7. Star Citizen 3.0

    S!, Star Citizen 3.0 is out today and I was wondering if anyone else had this game? I know Buddha does and after we get it downloaded we were going to get together sometime and do a little exploring. Let us know if you care to join us.    
  8. Welcome ZG26_dobratz

    Please join me in welcoming ZG26_dobratz into the squadron.
  9. Just got done with a nice little rant on the ATAG forums
    Let's see if I gt banned from them.

    In response to the 56K modem thread

    Did this........No change.
    It's lagging because of the amount of tracking objects in the arena.
    The more players and targets on, the bigger the rubber band/lag there is.
    Tested hypothesis on Warbirds of prey server (You know the one we had tested at 200 people with version 4.312 and had no lag issues) and with 5 of us in the server flying a victory formation at 3K with skins there was no lag. We hit the AI bomber raid that sent 27 Ju 87s to Dover docks and as soon as they were spawned we started rubber-banding/lagging About the space of a full Bf109. When the Ju87s appeared we got lags of 6 to 100 meters depending on the distance from other aircraft. The closer you get the wider the rubber-band.

    After resetting the server we sent a bomber mission of 54 HE111s to bomb Manston Airfield. As soon as they spawned the rubber-banding was noticeable with about a 5-10 aircraft length bouncing made. Closer in to the HE111s they began flying backwards and upside down, went from a formation to what I can only describe as a fireworks explosion of directions. When you fly away from them they magically reform and flew in formation once you were beyond zoom to identify range. When they arrived at their drop bombs area there again was noticeable lag spikes and rubber-banding until the bombs landed and exploded on the ground.

    This is not a USB problem! This is not a networking problem! 56K please! I've been beyond 56K since I left AOL pay for play in 2001 and even then the lag wasn't this bad. The difference between this and the release of WWiiOL was they knew it was crap when they released it and they told us it was not a finished product. They told us their netcode was new and experimental. It was shit. They knew it and they tried to build a new netcode based on the one they had. Thaqt netcode and the original netcode of Cliffs are both shit netcodes. You fixed it right the first time. You fixed this piece of crap once already and you trusted a corporate sponsorship because now they'll pay you and they "Gave you the good code". They gave you the old crap code.

    Sorry if the truth hurts but everyone is going back to your 4.312 work because it was good enough. When you figure out how to put what you put into 4.312 and add a few buttons and whistles then it may be tried again. But telling people "Oh, you need to unload the amount of USB ports", "Oh, You need to drop the LAN speed to 56K" (Hell why not 3200 baud), is doing nothing for a community that I'm sure positively would have paid you to update the real 4.312 to a working 4.5 to a working 5.0.

    I would have paid you for this 4.5 personally if it had worked as it was advertised. You guys need a $20.00 donation from the community to keep going to the next one. That would have been fine, had it worked. You want an extra $20.00 to finish 5.0 No problem if it worked. Yes you're not paid to do it and you fixed their shit out of the love for the game. Now you've just become them.

    My opinion, My rage.
    Rant finished

  10. TS

    Set you up a Teamspeak channel on the Warbirds of Prey server.
  11. ZG26 skins

    Ok updated skins with a black outline and red mouth. I also added the color bands. I will add the spinners to the aircraft as soon as I can but I wanted to get these to you for squad night.   The file you need
  12. Optimization of power

    I'll take credit for it but I think it was Ogg who posted it   Interesting question about the hydraulics... This is not how it worked in the past but that might not be the case now. In the past, if you put the handle in neutral too soon you risk not having your gear go all the way up. You would get two red light indicating they were up but it would be a false indication. It was better to just leave it in the up position. That might not be the case now... we will have to run some test and see.
  13. 4.5 with Spudnick

    Got my testing server working with 4.5 and all my code still works   I sent it off to knight so we should see it on the server by Saturday. I also sent him an updated German spawn list with added Bf109E-4_late modes added to the airfields with E-4 already at them. I also added Bf110-E/Ns to Aaras as per ZG26's request. I did not add any 110-Gs to any of the airfields yet just because I wanted to talk with knight about it before I did it.  I also did some tweaking of the AI and although they are not human opponents they should now give you a better fight.
  14. S!, This is an outstanding guide to Cliffs that I thought some of our new pilots might like to take a look at. It was made for 4.3 but is just as relevant for 4.5   https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-uSpZROuEd3b19DaUJmdGlxZ2M/view