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  1. Film from last night

    I can't wait to get a centerline cannon.
  2. Yo

    Sweet! Welcome to the squadron and I'm looking forward to flying with you soon.
  3. S!   Some film from Thursday of OGG and I attacking enemy shipping.    
  4. Antishipping

  5. good news

  6. Oct. 2nd - 9th

  7. 4.5 beta

  8. S!, Bubba and I were just spawning back in after a fighter sweep mission and ran into three Ju-87's taking off. We decided to give escort for a change of pace and this is my adventure.     
  9. The video contains content from WMG who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds
  10. MFG Crosswinds Issues

    How do you like those pedals? I had a chance to see them at Flightsim com but did not get the opportunity to use them. They look very well made and like they would work well. I have been thinking about picking up a set.