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  1. I am definitely going to take you up on that as it would be awesome!
  2. Nice, that looks like a lot of fun. Is that Ontop with you?
  3. I'm not gone guys

    S! JG51, I know I have not been around much as of late but I'm not gone. My job changed my schedule so I no longer have Sundays off but that's not what has been keeping me away...mostly its been because of a promise I made my brother to help him get his squadron up and running with regard to his database and website once the DCS F-18 was close to coming out. With such little time to dedicate to our hobby I have had to cut back on my JG51 time to fulfill my commitment to him. I can't say I have not enjoyed my time with his new squadron but I miss the JG51 for sure.    Its been 6 weeks now from the start of this endeavor and although I know this is not up your alley ... other than FreshGiant who because of his inability to fly IL2 Cliffs tagged along to accompany me... Anyway, I thought I would share a video I put together from the first actual squad mission my brother's squadron flew together.  Before this, they were just basically doing basic training and familiarization flights.    Its funny how no matter what error you are flying that teamwork and organization seems to trump all else    
  4. BoS Identification Silhouettes!

    Looks like it to me but then it could be one of those new Osprey birds.
  5. hi

    Hey Psy, Long time man, I hope all is well with you. I hope we see more of you and I would love to see you back in the sky with us.
  6. BoS Identification Silhouettes!

    Looks more like a Jap aircraft to me.
  7. Last images from the Channel!

  8. DCS

      VMFA-251 is currently in a workup period in anticipation of the upcoming release of the DCS World F/A-18C "Hornet" module. Once the F/A-18C model is released VMFA-251 will be exclusively an F/A-18 squadron but, until then we are currently using the DCS World AV-8B night attack module from RAZBAM as our sole airframe.   I know most of you guys are WWII buffs but I thought I would pass this along just in case some of you might be interested.
  9. January 21st

    S! JG51,   I know its playoff time but as per a request from our European pilots, I'm planning on hopping on the WarBirds of Prey server at around 2 pm Eastern time for a couple sorties. I would love a wingman if you are available. 

  11. My absence of late

    Life has a way of kicking one's ass from time to time that for sure. Just know that we are here for you if you need to talk, no judgment as we all have our issues. The great thing about this squad and, one that has held us together for so long is that we understand life happens.
  12. Now I've been banned from TS

    I'm all about PvP but unless we the pilots who are running the Warbirds server play on it how can we expect anyone else to? Don't get me wrong I'm not telling anyone how or where to play, just make an observation.    I do like some of the ATAG missions and their server has been a lot of fun. I don't have anything against them, I'm just looking for something a little different then what they are running. I know that right now the Warbirds server is lacking dedicated pilots but with time I think that will change.
  13. Salute,   Tomorrow, Sunday the 31 of December 2017 we are going to be stress testing the server. At or about 1900 GMT  or 2 pm Eastern Standard Time we will be launching a 108 plane bomber raid to England. We would like to get as many players on the server as we can. Please understand that this is a stress test so we are testing the limits of the server. Expect to experience lag, studders and all sorts of wrongdoings That being said this scale of a mission should be a lot of fun. We would appreciate that after the test you let us know what your experience was on the server to better help us tweak the settings.    Thanks
  14. @ C5