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Rank in JG51
Why let rank lead, when ability can do it better?"
  Commander Randy "Duke" Cunningham, USN
5 Victories, Vietnam Conflict

We understand we are not in the military and, this is just a game but, it is a war game and, because of that we do need some kind of hierarchy and command structure to help facilitate teamwork within the Geschwader.

There is no substitute for experience and, our system is setup to promote pilots to a higher rank as they gain in experience within the Geschwader. Experience however is not the same as ability and because of this there will be times when a more abile pilot of lesser rank will be asked to lead.

Rank in JG51 is more of an indication of how long you have been with the Geschwader but it is also a good indication of not only ones experience but also ones skill level.

The JG51 structure is based on the actual rank structure used during WWII by the Luftwaffe.


Collar tab color:

The back ground color of a pilots collar tab specifies their current status within the Geschwader.
Gold gold

Active status:

A pilot that is currently active and flying with the Geschwader.

Red red

Reserve status:

A pilot on a temporary leave of absence not to exceed 6 months.

Green green

Alumni status:

A pilot that is no longer active with the Geschwader on a regular basis.

Rank in JG51 is based on the number of squad sorties flown.

Rank Collar tab Requirement
Flieger Flieger 0 - 10 squad sorties
Gefreiter Gefreiter 11 - 25 squad sorties
Obergefreiter Obergefreiter 26 - 50 squad sorties
Hauptgefreiter Hauptgefreiter 51 - 100 squad sorties
Unteroffizier Unteroffizier 101 - 150 squad sorteis
Unterfeldwebel Unterfeldwebel 151 - 200 squad sorties
Feldwebel Feldwebel 201 - 250 squad sorteis
Oberfeldwebel Oberfeldwebel 251- 300 squad sorties
Leutnant Leutnant 301 - 400 squad sorties
Oberleutnant Oberleutnant 401- 500 squad sorties
Hauptmann Hauptmann 501 - 600 squad sorties
Major Major 601 - 700 squad sorties
Oberstleutnant Oberstleutnant 701 - 800 squad sorteis
Oberst Oberst 801 + squad sorteis