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  2. Pedals fixed and ready to fly

    see you there
  3. Pedals fixed and ready to fly

    Copy that, I'll try to get on before then so I can knock some of the rust off. I'll look for you tomorrow night.
  4. Pedals fixed and ready to fly

    Sunday @ 8 eastren, Snapshot and I tore it up! I'm on Tuesday/ Thursday 9pm eastern and Sunday 8pm eastern
  5. I finally fixed my pedals. Has anyone been flying lately? I checked the servers and there was barely anyone on any of the servers. I may check the BoX servers this weekend also.
  6. so who is flying?

    great love to see you in the air, that goes for you Veruca also.
  7. so who is flying?

    I'm hoping to get on soon. My pedals died a while ago and I've been too busy to install the new components that are sitting on my desk... but I'm going to try and get them sorted out this weekend.
  8. so who is flying?

    Gone, but not forgettin'
  9. Flying tonight 5-27-18

    sorry Snap I was out of town for the weekend
  10. Flying tonight 5-27-18

    Hi all, I will be flying for about 2 hours tonight if anyone is around. Not sure about Memorial Day itself, maybe a little in the afternoon. Snap
  11. F/A-18C drops May 30th

  12. F/A-18C drops May 30th

    S!, I'm hoping I might entice some of you to come give this badass bird a try.     
  13. Post Scriptum

    The squad is a pretty fun game. I will have to check this one out too.
  14. Post Scriptum

    New WW2 game I thought I would share. From the creators of Squad. Looks really promising! http://postscriptumgame.com/  
  15. reminds me of rally race dashcams, really fuckin cool
  16. I am definitely going to take you up on that as it would be awesome!
  17. T, Yes that's Ontop.  He bought a new Can-Am Commander side by side to play with up there.  When you get some vacation time, and if you'd like to join us for a weekend, or a hunt, I'll let you know when we're going.  We have 4 quads and the Commander.  If you don't want to drive, grab a beer, get in the Commander with him sit down, shut up, and hang on.   We usually take a trip up to Whitefish Point across the Superior coastline then back on some trails through the woods at least once a year.  This year will be the first time I Go-Pro a North run from camp.   And if you want to hunt, you can see the type of terrain we're in.  
  18. Nice, that looks like a lot of fun. Is that Ontop with you?
  19. I figured you might like this little video.  I found this when I pulled the Go-Pro's out to charge them.  This was taken 2 years ago on opening day of Deer season.  For some reason we we're heading into town.  I have the "go get it box" strapped down so there was a purpose behind this.  It starts just leaving the camp and ends 4.5 miles later when we are about 1/2 mile from town.  It doesn't look like it but When you see the straight part I'm going between 45 and 50 through that section.   This was filmed from my 1999 Arctic Cat 400 4x4.  Last year because of my heart problem and the equipment they had me strapped with I couldn't ride  with my new ride.  The next series will be from a 2017 Polaris 570EFI.    
  20. I'm not gone guys

    Tee Who?
  21. I'm not gone guys

    S! JG51, I know I have not been around much as of late but I'm not gone. My job changed my schedule so I no longer have Sundays off but that's not what has been keeping me away...mostly its been because of a promise I made my brother to help him get his squadron up and running with regard to his database and website once the DCS F-18 was close to coming out. With such little time to dedicate to our hobby I have had to cut back on my JG51 time to fulfill my commitment to him. I can't say I have not enjoyed my time with his new squadron but I miss the JG51 for sure.    Its been 6 weeks now from the start of this endeavor and although I know this is not up your alley ... other than FreshGiant who because of his inability to fly IL2 Cliffs tagged along to accompany me... Anyway, I thought I would share a video I put together from the first actual squad mission my brother's squadron flew together.  Before this, they were just basically doing basic training and familiarization flights.    Its funny how no matter what error you are flying that teamwork and organization seems to trump all else    
  22. BoS Identification Silhouettes!

    Looks like it to me but then it could be one of those new Osprey birds.
  23. hi

    Hey Psy, Long time man, I hope all is well with you. I hope we see more of you and I would love to see you back in the sky with us.
  24. hi

    Hi Psy, come check out IL2 CloD, it is a blast.
  25. BoS Identification Silhouettes!

    Movak37 it is nice to see you but you are out of your mind it is clearly without a doubt (unless you are blind) an F16 right Tee?
  26. hi

    Hey what's up JG!? I found myself looking at videos from ww2 days and thought I'd say hi. It's awesome that you guys are still flying together. I only had time to check out a couple videos, but I really like the news reels. See you guys around. Psy 
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