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  1. Last week
  2. Keep up the good work dude 
  3. happy to know you're still around man
  4. glad to hear they found it in time, I had a friend die last year of a heart attack that could have been saved if he had just gone to the doctor over a 3 day period. Good luck and hope to see you in the air.
  5. >S< On Friday August 4 as I got back to the truck yard I was having a hard time breathing just sitting in the truck.  My walk over to my own vehicle (30 feet) really took my breath away.  I had to do something and remembered my Doctor had at one time prescribed a rescue inhaler for me.  I figured since my doctor usually will write a script if I call him, I'd ask him to reissue it.  The operator said that in order to do it Since my doctor was fully booked for the day that I needed to see the nurse practitioner and she would confirm or deny my request.  So I went over to the office the nurse said I'll take him right now.  We went back to an exam room and here's where it got interesting.   The Nurse Practitioner started the interview process and after about 8 questions she folded her laptop and said "I need to run an EKG on you real quick to figure something out" and left the room.  She came back in with another nurse and an EKG machine and said "What I'm going to determine here is whether you are going to the hospital in your car or if I'm calling an ambulance".  Needless to say I was transported to the Hospital in an Ambulance.   Upon admittance to the Hospital They asked what was wrong and I said "I'm fine now just a little short of breath sometimes and I just wanted a rescue inhaler re-prescribed for me".  Which I was by the time we got to the hospital.  They ran some tests on me they looked at my legs and took me for a Doppler test on my legs to see if I had any blood clots in my legs.  That came back negative.  They sent me for an ultrasound of my heart. Those results said my heart infraction rate was 20-21%.  I was bagged and tagged and shipped up to the Cardiac Care wing of the Hospital. "What about work tomorrow"? "Be glad you're alive tonight".   To make a 12 day story short.  I went into the Hospital weighing 459.8 pounds and came out weighing 395.8.  I went into the Hospital with a heart that was in both Atrial Fibrillation and Ventricular Tachycardia and left the Hospital with a Normal beating heart.  I went into the hospital with a pulse of 86 and left the hospital with a heart rate of 62.  However I am not out of the woods yet as my infraction rate is only 29%.  For the time being (next three months) I have to wear a Life Vest (Portable Defibrillator) and with diet, exercise, water restriction 1.8l per day of any liquid (water, milk, soda, jello, etc:) and Medication (7 in total) need to bring the infraction rate to a minimum of 35% and in 6 months up to 50% then I'm at the precipice of the forest looking at green fields.  I will be on disability for the time being unless a dispatching job comes available.  The ultimate goals are to reach a 65% infraction rate and bring my weight down into the low to mid 200 range.   I have charts for everything from type of food per meal and serving sizes to liquid intake vs. liquid emptied to weight every morning.  To say I'm just a bit ADD about my health now is a giant goddamn reality.  I'm keeping track of how much I walk and it's nice I have 24/7 access to a high school track that is 1/4 mile per lap.  The doctors want me to do what I can but so far 1 mile a day has been it on 4 walks. today I'm going to try for a full half mile walk before it starts raining.  The worst part is not only can I not drive my work truck, I'm not allowed to drive my own with this life vest. The state of Michigan has suspended my license until I'm off of it.   So far today I've consumed about 150ml of water and given back 1000 ml so I'm working out the fluids still.   I'll see if I can't find some of you on TS over the next few weeks and see how things progress.   Still alive and kickin' >S<
  6. not flying much lately

    followed by the beat down by a mad red headed wife, yea uhhh no.
  7. not flying much lately

    Get a oriental massage and a happy ending and you should be back in the air in no time!!
  8. not flying much lately

    it's all good C5, your health is more important than the sim
  9. not flying much lately

    sorry that i missed squad night, I could not sit in that position for very long.
  10. Earlier
  11. not flying much lately

    it's alright, been having a weird few months myself. 
  12. not flying much lately

    No problem, I've been dealing with family issues and Ogg is of course soldiering on. We'll hit our stride soon enough.
  13. Sorry guys I have been dealing with a back issue lately and sitting in my computer chair for extended periods makes it worse. I have been in the air a couple of times but like Sunday by the time i fly for 2 or 3 hours I have to get off.   JG51_BlackC5
  14. My absence of late

    I use a cpap also and have for 20 years, I did not go for the humidifier and I have no problems keeping it clean, add the humidifier and you will have to stay on top of the cleaning. Good luck
  15. My absence of late

    God speed and good luck Ogg!
  16. My absence of late

    Get well soon Ogg. We all miss ya in the sky!!!
  17. My absence of late

    Hope to see you soon man, that crap doesn't sound pleasant. Make sure to take it easy!
  18. My absence of late

    Sorry to hear that Ogg. I hope and pray for a quick recovery. I know about the issues with CPAP, my brother used one and was constantly cleaning it. We hope to have you back with us shortly. Take care of yourself!
  19. Sorry about my absence recently, but as some may already know and now the rest will know. I'm an Over the road truck driver doing local runs since I was diagnosed with a mild Sleep arrhythmia.  Basically I don't snore but I do from time to time just stop breathing on the inhale.  My "Sleep Specialist" is really cool and set me up with a forced air CPAP device to stop this from happening. Long story short because of the newer rules of Obamacare my BlueCross and BlueShield (AWESOME INSURANCE) was replaced with a less than Stellar ASR Health Alliance Plan which reduced my coverage of consumable parts for my CPAP rig.  With BC/BS I was allowed every part every 60 days.  Now with ASR/HAP I'm only allowed consumables once every 6 months.   Needless to say with BC/BS I didn't really clean my gear all that well as by the time anything was growing I already had new parts installed.  Well I've contaminated myself with an upper respiratory biological infection.  Which if you don't know makes for an interesting time attempting to just breath let alone do truck and trailer inspections.  Next time you see a semi with a trailer look at it and realize that walking from the drivers door to the trailer connectors, connecting them then around the front of the truck, down the trailer checking the tandems and interior of the trailer then up the drivers side raising the landing gear ( about 30 turns counter clockwise to the jack handle) and back in the truck would take me from a resting heart rate of 72 to 160 and erratic, and my blood pressure from 122/78 to 154/114.  And of course my regular doctor said stop being a fatass and move.  I finally went to the ER and saw a doctor who hospitalized me.  He asked about meds and such and had me call my brother to bring in my CPAP gear.  When he took it apart I literally puked in the waste basket in the room.  The air valve had a huge culture growing on it of 4 different colors.  I never knew the mask could break down that far so I never cleaned it far enough.  They took blood samples and came back with a myriad of infections I was brewing inside me.  The doctor said it was good of me to come when I did as I probably would have been immobilized in one day and dead in 2 days.  Now I have my breathing back under control but my legs from mid-thigh down are still numb and I have a slight tremor in my hands, and a cough that would make a whooping crane proud.  I also seem to be puking dry heaves in the garbage quite a bit but the doctor says that's OK as long as it's just mucus that keeps coming out of my lungs and no more blood.   So needless to say it's going to be a bit longer before I can rejoin the fight.  But  I am watching.   Take care guys, see you soon.
  20. No Kill For You

  21. Seems like a good deal
  22. Burn Baby Burn

    Nice Tee
  23. Burn Baby Burn

    Nice Tee! I just recently got obs working with CLOD (after a long and tiring quest to figure out how to get it working, Who knew this would be such a pain..) And I will be recording videos on operating the 110, and possibly a guncam video at some point.
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