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  2.  raw footage using the Nvidia recorder for Cliffs of Dover 12.1G for 36 minutes.  This was a test an I have not gone through the settings.  
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  4. Film from last night

    Centerline cannons are the WORST! You wonder why my gunner never hits anything? He doesn't have to think about his convergence, that's why. 
  5. Film from last night

    I can't wait to get a centerline cannon.
  6. Hi Guys

    take look at this    http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/best-pc-builds,4390.html
  7. Film from last night

    nice to see that you are adopting my gunnery stile, fly in so close that you cannot miss, pull the trigger and shoot circles around the target   BTW i'm with Ogg you are the man of editing film  
  8. Film from last night

    Nice......editing.......so we just look like poor marksman.  When reality was much, much worse.  Ummm I think a few pilots needed a tube of KY by the time we got through with them.
  9. Now that's a good wife.
  10. wish I could I have been getting intermittent service for a couple of weeks but it is working for 5 min and the down for 5 min. fun to watch tv like that all the sound and video just still frames. playing any online game is frustrating but trying to play CloD would result in me going postal. I have not even put my rig back together yet. I hope this changes soon, there is a swarm of Spectrum trucks in and around my neighborhood right now, my wife keeps going out and dragging them out of their truck and over to our house telling them that her husband is about to start shooting real people if he can't shoot virtual people lol.
  11. Interesting, Now when are you getting your ass in the air?  Tell the damn cable company Ogg needs more protectorates.  
  12. so do you want to know why it is so much harder to vent or oil a spit?   https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=26465  
  13. Yo

    Welcome to the Squad!!!!!!
  14. >S<  AAR report from Oberst Ogg All in all a good night for JG51 HappyBudda and Teetwo flew high cover for Snapshot and myself. As hunters Snapshot and I made it a successful night claiming victories over 6.22 Enemy Aircraft of which 5 were the dreaded Spitfire Mk2a and one Spitfire Mk1a (100oct).  The only loss was during the last mission when I was hit by 3 enemy Bofors and a stray bullet from Mr_Steven.  I took my bird as far out to sea as I could but was still captured by enemy ASR. As high cover Teetwo and HappyBudda claimed spoiler to 3.57 enemy Spitfire Mk2a with no other type of air-frames flow into the fight.  However it was not without cost as Huaptmann Teetwo put the propeller of his 109E4/b in the water subsequently causing his Governor to fail. The Map was Bologne and the patrol are we covered was from mid channel to English Point with the majority of the enemy aircraft lifting from Lympne Airfield. Our claimed victories were combined 9.79 with no death, but we did lose 2 aircraft. If you missed the action you really missed the fun and camaraderie of the night.  During the non action parts of the flights there was chat of Fly fishing on the Danube (really in Arizona), and the fascinating world  of TrackIR issues making us unable to shoot straight.   End Report >S<
  15. Yo

  16. Yo

    welcome aboard S!
  17. Earlier
  18. Antishipping

    That was fun
  19. Yo

    See ya soon!
  20. Yo

    Sweet! Welcome to the squadron and I'm looking forward to flying with you soon.
  21. Yo

    Hello, this is Sir Racha's brother in law. I want to join up with you guys, however I recently moved and it may be a while before I get all settled. I'm pretty new to Cliffs of Dover but I used to play Rise of Flight extensively, but it has been a few months since I last flew. 
  22. S!   Some film from Thursday of OGG and I attacking enemy shipping.    
  23. Antishipping

  24. Just me and what engine management can do in a fight to turn it from bad to good.  Final Solo fight is 109-E4/b Vs. Spitfire Mk2a.    
  25. Just an excerpt from a mission in London Ruft
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